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Health Center

Welcome to the Belmont Hill School Health Center Resource Board. 

The mission of the Health Center is to provide compassionate care and support to all Belmont Hill Students. Our goal is to promote wellness, preserve health, and support the academic and athletic achievement of our students. 

Please use this site to find health-related information regarding our School Health Guidelines and up-to-date information throughout the year.  

Absence Reporting

  • Please report all absences (including missing school due to routine medical or dental appointments) to or by calling 617-993-5335.
  • If your son will be absent, late, or leaving early from school due to illness or any medical-related issue, and you wish to keep the information confidential, please email or call the Health Center directly at - 617-993-5335.
  • Students are encouraged to email their teachers for assignments, but a parent or guardian must be in touch with the school, as outlined, to report an absence.
  • Middle school parents, please note that 4:00-4:45pm is a required part of the school day on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. While we realize that it may be challenging to schedule medical and dental appointments, we ask that routine ones be planned in advance in conjunction with the school calendar to minimize conflict with school days.
  • Boys cannot be released early for outside athletic commitments.

Illness Guidelines

Do not send your son to school if he has the following:

  • Nausea, diarrhea (loose stool), or vomiting (throwing up), or if your son has thrown up during the night
  • A cough that is not caused by asthma or allergies
  • A temperature of 101.5°F or 38.6°C or above. Keep your son home from school until his temperature has been normal for 24 hours without taking Tylenol or Motrin.
  • A sore throat (especially if he has a fever, rash, complain of a headache, or if you see white patches in the back of his throat)
  • A diagnosis of strep throat. Keep your son home from school until he has been on antibiotics for 24 hours and does not have a fever.
  • Any health issue that keeps your son from taking part in learning and school activities.
  • Any respiratory illness, including COVID-19. Your son may return to school with improving symptoms and when they have been fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of any medications. 

Your son should be well enough to participate in the Full Belmont Hill School day, which includes both academics and athletics portions of the day. If he is not well enough to participate in one, he should remain home until he is able to complete the full day. 

Each fall, Belmont Hill offers an option on campus flu vaccine clinic. Information regarding the clinic with the opportunity to sign up will be emailed.

Concussion Protocols

This document is for use by Belmont Hill Medicine Clinicians (Director of Health Services, School Nurse, and Athletic Trainers) when treating Student-Athletes who have suffered a sport-related concussion or are suspected of having suffered such a concussion.

Belmont Hill Concussion Protocol





AED Devices

Belmont Hill has 10  AED units at these locations:

  • Library Corridor  
  • Jordan Athletic Center - Outside of the Athletic Trainer's office 
  • Alumni House kitchen
  • Chapel
  • Morse
  • Speare and Underwood Dorms
  • Boat House
  • Health Office lobby
  • Campus Security Officer 

CPR classes are available to Faculty, Staff, and Students during the School year. Faculty and Staff are required to maintain up to date certification. Contact the Health Center for more information.

Food Allergy Information

Belmont Hill School is a Nut Aware community. 

We are dedicated to fostering the health, nutrition, and well-being of all students, including those with food allergies, by providing reasonable accommodations for students with food allergies. 

Our Director of Culinary Excellence and Director of Health Services will engage in an interactive dialogue with students who have food allergies and sensitivities to provide safe and nutritious meals. 

We kindly ask that any food brought into the school be mindful of students with allergies. Please ensure that treats are labeled and consider allergy-friendly options. Thank you for your understanding and support in fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all.

EpiPens are located at these locations throughout campus:

  • Alumni House Kitchen
  • Health Center (Eliot Building ground level)
  • Jordan Athletic Center: First Floor, Athletic Trainer's Office
  • Jordan Athletic Center: Second Floor, Wadsworth Kitchen
  • Kitchen (snack bar wall)
  • Speare Dorm
  • Underwood Dorm

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

Meet the Health Center

Emi White RN, BSN

Emi White RN, BSN

Titles: Director of Health Services
Carol Blazar RN

Carol Blazar RN

Titles: Nurse
Candy Bolte

Candy Bolte

Titles: Health Center Administrator
Liz Gallinaro RN, BSN

Liz Gallinaro RN, BSN

Titles: Nurse