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Community Service Opportunities

Ongoing Student-Led Service Projects

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National Volunteer Opportunities

Suggestions for volunteer opportunities through national organizations:

Call or write a senior citizen who may be socially isolated during the pandemic through the organization Love for the Elderly.

Social distancing has led older adults living in long term care facilities to be isolated from their loved ones. Isolation creates feelings of loneliness, which can lead to poorer physical health and quality of life.You can do your part today to embrace our elders during these scary, uncertain times. We’re asking for kind, handwritten letters to mail to senior facilities.

Provide sight support for the vision impaired via the free Be My Eyes phone app.

The program pairs blind or low-vision individuals with a partner to help them read, explore their surroundings, and complete everyday tasks (e.g. reading expiration dates on food) via live video.

For multilingual members of our community, help remotely translate critical public health information into a number of non-English languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Hindi, as a volunteer through Translators Without Borders.

There are many opportunities to get involved that involve some person-to-person contact, as long as you have caregiver approval and are able to safely take part. Contact local food pantries in your area. Help deliver meals, through organizations like Project Driveway, to individuals who cannot safely shop on their own.

Acts of Kindness

Local Service Opportunities

Suggestions for service opportunities in your local community:

The following are some ideas for how each of us can lend a hand in our own neighborhoods – please send any additional ideas you have to!

  • Contact nearby families with young children and offer to do some “online child-care.” Tutor a sibling or neighbor – virtually.
  • If you know older residents nearby, reach out and see what you can do to help. Connect virtually with a neighbor or grandparent and play an online game. Check with your place of worship to see if there are folks, living alone, who could use a friendly call
  • If you are able to, buy gift cards from local businesses and give them as gifts to grocery store cashiers, the mail carrier, or anyone else providing essential services in your town. Put a sign near your mailbox thanking your mail & package deliverers for their hard work
  • Use social media to highlight actions people can take and organizations who are leading relief efforts.
  • Clean out your closet and donate clothes to someone in need.
  • At home - look for spaces that need cleaning and organizing, help prepare a meal, take care of the family pet, wash or vacuum the car.
  • Write a positive review for your favorite local restaurant  
  • Record yourself reading a children’s book and share it with a young relative, family friend, or neighbor



Day of Kindness and Gratitude