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Sundial Yearbook

We invite you to participate in your son’s book of school memories by purchasing what we have in the past called a “parent ad”— a page of your memories and tributes to him as he completes this important chapter of his life and begins a new one. We offer you some choices about how to proceed.

1. CUSTOM: Have the yearbook company create my page

Fast and easy, this page is created by a Yearbook plant graphic designer, and starts from the Walsworth Yearbook site, 

Upload your high-resolution digital images from the desktop of your computer, and you enter text with a simple mouse click on the text box provided, which you can edit during your session. Once your pictures are uploaded and your text is complete, you check out as you would from any online vendor, and we will then forward to you a PDF file of your ad for your approval. Once you have reviewed and approved the page it is placed in the book.

2. DIY: Make your own page

If you have experience in Word, Pages, InDesign or other software we encourage you to create your parent ad. When the ad is finished, create a high-resolution JPG of the file and upload to the Walsworth website, 

Choose RECOGNITION AD. Once your file is uploaded, you check out as you would from any online vendor.

If you want to create your own page, please use a standard letter size template. The actual page size 8.5 by 11 inches at 300 dots per inch.

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The Sundial wants You!
Over the last few years, Sundial Families section enjoyed a terrific 70% rate of family participation. Family support is what gives the book its student-designed custom cover, the full color printing, and sometimes, the extra time we need to finish in the spring. This year, we are trying for 100% participation, and have priced page options attractively to encourage you. Additionally, orders received prior to February 14, 2020 are discounted to encourage early submissions.

Pricing until Wednesday, February 17, 2021
                                   Custom                                            DIY

Full                             $225                                               $175                  
Half                            $150                                                $100                

Pricing Thursday, February 18, 2021, to Friday, March 12, 2021:
                                  Custom                                             DIY
Full                             $275                                                $225                 
Half                            $175                                                 $125                 
Your pages mean so much to your boys—it’s the second thing they look for when they open their books for the first time. Your support makes such a difference in the quality of the book: we cannot thank you enough. 

Any questions about creating your page, please contact our Yearbook representative, Gina Cuccovia-Simoneau, via her contact information below.

Gina Cuccovia-Simoneau, CJE

Walsworth Yearbooks Graphic Designer

Cell phone:774-266-1030