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Students walking on campus

Multicultural Alumni Partnership

Mission Statement

Belmont Hill’s Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) strengthens relations among all Belmont Hill alumni to enhance the diversity, openness, and climate of the greater school community. MAP realizes these objectives through targeted programs, networking events, and community outreach, all in collaboration with past and present students, parents, faculty, staff, and trustees.

Fall 2022 MAP Program and Reception

MAP Speaker Series

The Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) Speaker Series funded by the Diversity Initiative Fund aims to partner with speakers whose views, work, and experience aligns with our mission as a school to develop men of good character by educating them in mind, body, and spirit. Understanding the power of diversity is a critical part of building character. As such, the MAP Speaker Series strives to bring insightful speakers focused on diversity and inclusion directly to the Belmont Hill community. The series will serve as a collective of voices with a diverse range of backgrounds, thoughts, and experiences. This collective will engage the boys on the topic of diversity and inclusion while enriching their development of true character.
Recent speakers include Caroline Randall Williams, Ibram X. Kendi, and Arshay Cooper. 

Fall 2020 Update

October 2020: Caleb Collins '93, Will Forde '05, and Greg Schneider provided an update on Belmont Hill's DEI initiatives. 

MAP/SAFE Breakfast - January 2020

Fall 2019 Map Dinner and Program

12th Annual Dinner and Program
Award Recipient: David W. Walker '82
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan
2019 Event Photos

Multicultural Alumni Partnership Speakers and Award Recipients 

Year Speakers Award Recipients
2008 David A. Bright '83
William J. Cleary III '81
Caleb F. Collins '93
Carl D. Dawson '72
Warren Q. Fields '81
Jason H. Hurd '90
2009 Linda A. Whitlock   
2010 Arlene K. Spence
David W. Walker '82
Nnaemeka C. Ekwelum '08

Philmore Anderson IV '82
and the Alexander Family:
David M. Alexander '12
Paul Alexander
Evelyne Martial-Alexander 

Donna S. David
2012 Jonathan A. Kraft '82 S.A.F.E. - Students Actively Fostering Equality
2013 Danielle A. Heard Kai Bynum
2014 David B. Wilkins Carl D. Dawson '72
2015 Robert L. Greene Jr. Marsha G. Feinberg
2016 James E. Reynolds '74 Harold C. Duvall III '83
2017 Randall L. Kennedy Richard I. Melvoin
2018 Samuel M. Gebru Gretchen R. Cook-Anderson
2019 Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan David W. Walker '82
2022  Jason H. Hurd '90 Warren Q. Fields '81






Stephen J. Agular '92
Mehdi K. Alhassani ’02
Philmore Anderson IV ’82
David A. Antonelli, Jr. '06
Robert Avakian  '10
David A. Bright ’83 
Franklin O. Bright '00
Stephen W. Carr, Jr. ’93 
Caleb F. Collins ’93 
Albert A. Coombs III '03
Carl D. Dawson ’72 
Atakelti H. Desta ’05 
Groom Dinkneh ’09
Warren Q. Fields ’81
William A. Forde ’05 
Chukwuma Ekwelum '06
Nnaemeka C. Ekwelum ’08 
John T. Grady, Jr. ’66 
Dylan Hayre ’04
Jason H. Hurd ’90
Marc W. Hurdle '08
Ali S. Jafri '05
Patrick Lee '10
George W. Lynch II '88
Emmett E. Lyne ’77
Donavan Payne '18
Gregory C. Paul ’09
Daniel Regis '08
Michael Rudzinsky '11
Aman Shah '10
David W. Walker ’82