Form VI Parent Gift Program

Leaving A Legacy
In 2010, Belmont Hill School launched the Form VI Parent
Gift Program as part of the Parents Fund. Led by Form
VI parents, this program is a special effort to express
appreciation for Belmont Hill’s influence on the lives of
their sons. Over the past four years, Form VI families have
generously contributed over $5M to Belmont Hill and this
generosity has made a difference for our sons. Form VI
commitments this year will strengthen the School now and
ensure that the students who follow our boys will benefit
from this same excellent educational experience.
Payment flexibility is available for Form VI Parents Fund
commitments: Unlike typical Parents Fund contributions,
gifts to the Form VI drive are payable over five years.
Gifts of all sizes are vital to the success of the program.
These gifts have a cumulative effect that sends a powerful
message of belief in the School’s mission and inspires the
generosity of other donors.
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Belmont Hill is a community dedicated to developing boys in mind, body, spirit. In a school that challenges and supports students in and beyond the class-room, we strive for excellence, honoring clear thinking and creativity, competition and teamwork, and tradition and vision.