Sustainability at Belmont Hill

Mindful of the rising importance of promoting environmentally sustainable practices and environmental stewardship in our world today and in the future, Belmont Hill’s Sustainability Club seeks to reduce our school’s impact on the environment and educate faculty and students alike about environmental issues in areas such as energy consumption, waste disposal, and climate change.

Current Sustainability Initiatives

Reusable Water Bottles
90,000 plastic bottles are thrown out in the US every minute, bringing drastic effects to environment. To help address this important issue, the 2015-16 Sustainability Club initiated a campaign to eliminate disposable plastic bottles from campus. 

As of March 28, 2016, bottled water will no longer be available for distribution or sale in the dining hall, snack bar and vending machines. As an alternative, various water bottle filling stations (touch-free units mounted to the wall that dispense chilled water) have been installed throughout the campus. Most of our school buildings now have at least one (and in many cases two) of these stations, and to encourage their use the Sustainability Group has provided free reusable water bottles to all current students and employees. In addition, the School has made a continuing commitment to support this effort by providing all new students and employees joining Belmont Hill with a reusable water bottle. Students are also encouraged to refrain from bringing retail, disposable bottles on campus and to switch instead to the use of reusable bottles.

Weighing Food Waste
After every lunch, a member of the Sustainability Club weighs the trash in order to raise awareness about mindful consumption in the hopes that students will reduce their waste.

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