Sustainability at Belmont Hill

Mindful of the rising importance of promoting environmentally sustainable practices and environmental stewardship in our world today and in the future, Belmont Hill’s Sustainability Club seeks to reduce our school’s impact on the environment and educate faculty and students alike about environmental issues in areas such as energy consumption, waste disposal, and climate change.

Sustainability on Campus

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  • Current Sustainability Initiatives

    Sustainability practices on the Belmont Hill campus abound with the goals of reducing the school's ecological footprint and lessening the impact in areas such as energy and water consumption, the disposal of waste, and the use of toxic materials.

    New Solar Array On Science Building
    Thanks to the efforts of Belmont Hill School’s Sustainability Club, a new solar array installation on the roof of the Science Building is estimated to generate over 25,000 kilowatt hours of power per year for the building.
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What You Can Do to Support Sustainability Initiatives

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