College Counseling

A former Belmont Hill faculty member often used a metaphor to express the school’s philosophy of college counseling. “Put college-related work and concerns in a box,” he advised, “and open that box only when necessary. For the rest of your time in Belmont Hill’s Upper School, keep the boxed closed and put your time and energy into all the exciting opportunities around you.”

The metaphor perfectly conveys Belmont Hill’s philosophy and methodology of college counseling. We believe that making a good college match is the product—not the object—of a student’s experiences in Belmont Hill’s classrooms and beyond. For that reason, one of our primary goals is to help students and their parents know when to open the box and when to close it. Our materials and communications focus on identifying significant and timely college-related activities.

We also believe that college match-making is most effective when students take charge of the process. Accordingly, a second important goal of our program is the engagement and empowerment of young men in Forms V and VI, so that they can take leadership in their own college process. At its best, the college process provides young people opportunities to learn more about themselves and the wide array of today’s post-secondary possibilities.

A third goal of our program is fostering the health of our families through the increasingly stressful college process. In pursuit of this goal, our work with students and their parents includes support and awareness of the mental health of students and their families.

In Belmont Hill’s college counseling program, we try to give “thinking outside the box” a new definition: with the college process carefully compartmentalized, our boys can focus on the challenges and delights of Upper School.

Colleges Accepting Members of the Class of 2016

American University
Amherst College
Babson College
Bard College
Bates College
Bentley University
Boston College
Boston University
Bowdoin College
Brown University
Bucknell University
Carnegie Mellon University
Clark University
Colby College
Colgate College
Colorado College
Columbia University
Connecticut College
University of Connecticut
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
University of Denver
Duke University
Elon University
Emory University
Fairfield University
Fordham University
Franklin & Marshall
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Hamilton College
Harvard College
College of Holy Cross
Johns Hopkins University
Kenyon College
University of Maryland-College Park
MA College of Pharm & Health Sciences
Merrimack College
University of Miami
University of Michigan
Middlebury College
University of New Hampshire
New York University
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
University of Notre Dame
Occidental College
Otis College of Art/Design
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh
Pratt Institute
Providence College
University of Richmond
University of San Francisco
Savannah College of Art/Design
Skidmore College
University of South Carolina
University of Southern California
Syracuse University
Trinity College
Tufts University
Tulane University
Union College
USMA – West Point
Vanderbilt University
University of Vermont
University of Virginia
Wake Forest University
Washington & Lee University
Wesleyan University
Williams College
Worcester Polytechnic University
Yale University

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