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Belmont Hill supports many non-profit agencies and causes throughout the year. Our goal has always been to provide on-going support to these groups, while developing a strong relationship with them along the way. New initiatives and programs are added carefully, and mostly at the suggestion of the students, who then take the responsibility for educating our community and leading that particular project. While we have "no dessert days" (twice a month) and "dress-down days" (twice a year) as fundraisers, the designation of these monies is voted by one of our middle and upper school community service committees. While we may sell products to raise money - such as cookies for breast cancer awareness and flowers for Valentine's Day for Dana Farber - we purposely do not solicit direct funds from our parent body. Our focus has always been on giving of time, talent, energy and donated items.

“When we give back to others we learn some of life’s most important lessons: empathy, sacrifice, and generosity. It reminds us that we are all created equal and that we gain so much through sharing cultures, experiences, and perspectives.”
– Donna David, Director of Community Service

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  • *NEW* Community Service Initiative

    Liz Greenwood is the new Parent liason to community service. Liz will help in securing parent volunteers for upcoming projects, as well as making phone calls and reaching out to various agencies to help facilitate projects we do. 

    To volunteer, please email Liz Greenwood directly: lizgreenwood@verizon.net

    Below is a summary of community service activities completed this year and upcoming events:

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