Former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon Speaks at Belmont Hill

In what Head of School Rick Melvoin termed an "extraordinary honor," former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon spoke to the boys on May 7 in the Hamilton Chapel. Mr. Calderon served as President from 2006-2012 (in Mexico a president is limited to a single six-year term) and is currently a Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.
Mr. Calderon began by stressing to the boys the incredible opportunity and responsibility of their Belmont Hill education. He detailed his own life story, growing up in a family engaged in politics. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in law and then a Master’s degree in economics, both in Mexico, and later a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard, he became heavily involved in national politics, serving as national president of his party, the National Action Party, or PAN, as a member of the Mexican Federal Chamber of Deputies, then as Mexico’s Secretary of Energy and then, from 2006 until 2012, as President of Mexico. During his time as President, Mr. Calderon was active in environmental policy and immigration reform; a champion of education, he created the most universities in the history of his country and extended school opportunities for young children; he dramatically improved health care; he extended Mexico’s highway system. He accomplished all this during a major economic crisis, and today the national media has taken notice of the positive developments and potential of Mexico. He said his overriding goal was to make Mexico a "rule of law" country, and takes great pride in this.

Mr. Calderon closed by sharing with the boys a lesson his father taught him: to never stop defending their ideas and dreams and to leave a legacy for those who follow. He urged them to find meaning in their lives and to "fight the good fight in the face of adversity."

President Calderon's talk was the first in the School's newly endowed Global Citizenship Speaker Series. The fund was established in 2012 by Belmont Hill parents Bill and Yuko Hunt to bring speakers to campus who model global citizenship and can inspire generations of Belmont Hill boys to embrace the challenges and opportunities of an interconnected world.
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