Outstanding Performances Mark Fall Woodbury Finals

The Woodbury Speaking Contest is a cherished Belmont Hill tradition that dates back to the 1950s. 

This year’s contest was the first to be delivered in the newly renovated Hamilton Chapel. Due to COVID, speeches were livestreamed from this majestic setting to students gathered around campus in their advisories. Jacob Czarnecki '22, Wilton Lawton '22, and Daniel Moran '23 each spoke with great poise and emotion in delivering their remarks.

"This year’s speeches reflected our students’ wide-ranging interests and concerns: from the joys provided mid-pandemic by gardening and relations with neighbors, to engineering outer-space renewable energy sources, to meditations on the challenges of loving and supporting family through illness and across cultural divides," said Juliette Zener, who organizes the contest. "The speeches were not only creative but courageous and inspiring — a testament to the character of boys on the Hill."

While all the boys performed nobly, Jacob Czarnecki was named the winner. You can see his speech in the above video.
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