Belmont Hill Honors Graduates with Senior Celebration and Commencement Cruise

On Saturday, Belmont Hill honored its graduating class with a Commencement Cruise that allowed seniors to return to campus one last time to say goodbye after having been away for months due to the coronavirus shutdown.  Belmont Hill worked closely with town officials to ensure a safety-first approach and the day was a glorious and moving tribute to the graduating class.

The campus was beautifully decorated with balloons, banners, and piped-in music.  Cars lined up early, and the procession began at 10:00 am.  Faculty and staff were lined up on the sidewalk to cheer the students on as they drove by, offering support and thanks for their years on the Hill, especially the difficult last few months.  At the end of the line, graduates met up with Greg Schneider, Ronald M. Druker '62 Head of School, to receive their diplomas and other tokens of appreciation.  As cars departed they were showered with confetti.

The night before, a Senior Celebration was live-streamed from a near-empty chapel.  Mr. Schneider gave a heartfelt talk to the boys and also presented awards to students.  Mr. Tahan and Mr. Kaplan were also onhand to announce athletic and art prizes respectively.  Mr. Kaplan also presented a special panel created to honor this remarkable class.  You can see a list of all award winners by following this link.

Featured speakers of the evening were Don Bradley, Director of the Upper School, who delivered a powerful and touching message to a class for whom he clearly felt much affection.  The official commencement speaker was Mitt Romney, Senator for Utah and a Belmont Hill parent and grandparent.  Senator Romney spoke remotely in a special video message for the boys and offered strong words of inspiration.  The evening closed with an uplifting tribute video created by Jack Weldon '20.

The circumstances of the spring with the global pandemic presented many challenges for students and faculty alike.  But it was particularly difficult for the Sixth Form, who lost out on so many of the wonderful traditions that mark their senior spring.  This unique and wonderful send-off demonstrated the respect the community felt toward this class, as all shared the desire to make this day a memorable one for the boys who endured so much.

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