Virtual Poetry Fest Features Strong Performances

The annual Poetry Fest at Belmont Hill celebrates the belief that poetry is primarily meant not to be read but to be heard. 
With the Covid-19 pandemic still impacting so many aspects of school life, the event could not be held in its traditional home, Hamilton Chapel.  But through the resilient spirit of the boys and program coordinator Dr. Jeanne Tift, Poetry Fest has come to life virtually with some impressive performances.
We have created a special web page celebrating all the performances of the finalists, while also highlighting those boys who were singled out for distinctive performances.  You can reach that page by following this link.
“Today, we continue to celebrate a longstanding tradition, Poetry Fest, while also creating something new in response to pandemic-related restrictions,” Dr. Tift said. “In the Belmont Hill way, everyone has worked together to adapt and thrive, and I give my greatest thanks to the English teachers and to every one of you students, who worked remotely—without the usual campus camaraderie—to find a poem and a personal style. Submissions featured poems from 5 centuries and several different nations and languages, and artists from Shakespeare to Chance the Rapper. Students performed outside or inside, in coat and tie or sweats and cap, with regal stateliness or with slam energy. Thanks to everyone for brightening a challenging spring! Many thanks also to Mr. Collins, Mr. DiResta, Madame Montanaro, and Ms. O’Connor, the judges who chose this year’s Distinctive Performances. Congratulations to these students for their excellent work! Their names and poem titles will be inscribed on the permanent document posted upstairs in Morse. Let these performers and poems lift us with their beauty and truth.”
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