Language Festival a Wonderfully Informative and Entertaining Afternoon

Recently, the Modern Language Department hosted the First Form for the annual Language Festival. 

It’s a day where students are exposed—through food, play, and music—to the joys of learning and exploring language. This year boys started in McPherson where they ate traditional dishes from China, France, and Latin America. From there, they engaged in three different workshops put on by the language department.
In Spanish class they played a game called 21, where each player counted either one or two up to 21, with the object to land on 21 first. In Chinese class they watched a video of a standup comedian in China who’s actually a native New Englander. They then went into a presentation on how Mandarin lends itself to visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners all in different ways, not to mention its grammar is much easier than English. In French they brainstormed cognates (words that are the same in English and French), and then followed up on a video they saw earlier discussing various facts about the relevance of French across the world (29 countries use French as an official language).  They finished up with a few rounds of Quizlet Live, divided up into four teams to compete and see who knew/remembered the most of what had been discussed.  
To culminate, performances were delivered in Kraft theater by IncaSon—offering traditional music from the Andes Mountains, with the boys joining in and dancing.  Also, Chinese Martial Artists performed a lion dance, which is one kind of traditional Chinese dance. Performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume to bring good luck and fortune. It was a wonderful afternoon, getting the First Form boys ready for their Language classes, which begin after Spring Break. 

Enjoy video highlights of the show in Kraft Theater.
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