Athletic Awards Ceremony Held to Honor Winter Athletes

The final School Meeting held in the gym before the opening of the newly renovated Hamilton Chapel honored the Winter Athletic season and its many highlights.
A listing of the awards can be found below.

The Alpine Ski Coaches Trophy recognizes that individual who in the judgment of his coaches has displayed the greatest improvement.
  • 2020 Luke Guleserian
The Toni Matt award is presented to that boy who has made the greatest contribution to the Belmont Hill alpine ski team.
  • 2020 Alexander Gannon, Jack Theberge

The Ex-Captains Basketball Trophy is presented to that boy who in the judgment of his coach made the greatest contribution to the season.
  • 2020 Gregory Desrosiers
The Carl H. Amon Jr. Basketball Trophy is presented in honor of the former President of the Belmont Hill Board of Trustees from 1964-1987, an enthusiastic supporter of Belmont Hill Basketball and father of three former varsity basketball players. This award is given to that member of the varsity team whose unselfishness, sportsmanship and concern for team play have best exemplified the ideals of Belmont Hill athletics.
  • 2020 Charles Richards

Wyman S. Smart Jr. Hockey Trophy is awarded to that player who in the judgment of his coaches has made the greatest improvement this year.
  • 2020 Liam Kelly
Kenneth M. Martin Jr. Hockey Trophy, given by Mrs. Virginia Martin in memory of her husband. Mr. Martin was a member of the first graduating class at Belmont Hill in 1927. At Belmont Hill, he earned 11 varsity letters and he captained the varsity hockey team three of his four years on the team. This trophy is given to the player who in the judgment of his coaches is the most valuable player on the varsity team.

  • 2020 Ryan McGuire 

The most improved award in Nordic skiing is awarded to that skier who in the judgment of his coaches has made the greatest improvement this year.
  • 2020 Harvey Rupp
The Nordic Ski Coaches’ Trophy honors that young man who has contributed the most to the Belmont Hill Nordic Ski team.
  • 2020 Charlie Donahue, Aidan McGaugh

The most improved squash player trophy is given to the boy who has exhibited the greatest progress on and off the squash court.
  • 2020 William Okurowski
The Squash Coaches’ Trophy is awarded to that player who has made the greatest contribution to the sport of squash this year.
  • 2020 Jack Winston

The William “Bingo” Emerson wrestling trophy honors a 1960 Belmont Hill second-generation graduate who was killed in Vietnam. While at Belmont Hill, he captained the wrestling team and won awards in both football and wrestling in his senior year. This award is presented to the boy who in the opinion of his coaches has exhibited the greatest improvement in wrestling.
  • 2020 Jack Weldon
The Gilbert S. Jordan Athletic Achievement Award in Wrestling
This bowl was donated by alumni to honor “Gibby” Jordan, a longtime wrestling coach and director of maintenance who retired in 1986. It is presented to that boy who has made the greatest contribution to the Belmont Hill Wrestling program.
  • 2020 James Harrington, Harrison Shapiro
The Henry B. Sawyer awards were suggested by the School Senate and approved by the Athletic Committee in 1987. These sportsmanship awards recognize Mr. Sawyer's 52 years of service to the School. These awards are presented seasonally by sport to “the ideal sportsman whose emotions are controlled by a genuine love and respect for his fellow man as well as the game.”
  • ALPINE SKIING – Luca Mezzanotte
  • BASKETBALL – Preston Adams, Jake Pappo
  • HOCKEY – Luke Khozozian, Zephan Kraus
  • NORDIC SKIING – Charlie Wells
  • SQUASH – Andrew Jinhee Lee 
  • WRESTLING – Adam Figler, Kailen Richards
Individual Honors

The following boys were named
2020 I.S.L. ALL LEAGUE & All League Honorable Mention

All League
  • Sascha Gannon
  • Jack Theberge
  • Dan Crowley
  • Quinn Richards
  • Anton Schmitt
All New England In Slalom
  • Luke Theberge and Daniel Crowley 

All League Honorable Mention
  • Max Hall
All League
  • Josh Baldwin
All League Honorable Mention 
  • Tyler Rubin
All League
  • Luke Khozozian
  • Ryan McGuire
All New England
  • Christiaan Eikeboom
  • Aidan McGaugh
All League Honorable Mention
  • Andrew Lee
  • William Okurowski
All League
  • Douglas Conigliaro
  • Jack Winston

All New England
  • Jack Winston
All League Honorable Mention
  • Timothy Brown
  • Joshua Houston Davis
  • James Markis
  • Charles Mullaney 
All League
  • Daniel Bittner
  • Adam Figler
  • Alexander Gavronsky
  • James Harrington
  • Freddy Pimental
  • Kailen Richards
  • Harrison Shapiro
  • Hamza Shemsu
  • Jack Weldon
  • Jason Wolf
All New England
  • Adam Figler
  • Freddy Pimental
  • James Harrington
  • Harrison Shapiro
All American 
  • James Harrington
  • Freddy Pimental
  • Harrison Shapiro
Recognition of Other Winter Athletic Accomplishments


The 5th Hockey Team finished an excellent season with an overall record of 16 wins 4 losses and 2 ties. Congratulations to Coaches Sweeney, Peck, and Griffith and the 5th hockey team.
The 4th Hockey Team finished an outstanding season with an overall record of 17 wins 4 losses and 1 tie. Congratulations to Coaches Martin and McGlaughlin and the 4th hockey team.
The 3rd Hockey Team completed a remarkable season with a record of 21 wins 4 losses and 2 ties. Congratulations to Coaches Smith, Duarte, and Najjar and the 3rd hockey team.
The JV Hockey Team finished an exceptional season with a record of 21 wins and 3 losses. Congratulations to Coaches Davis, Cunningham, and Cherpeck and the JV hockey team.
The Varsity Hockey Team captured the school’s 18th Lawrenceville Tournament Championship with a 3 to 1 victory over Nichols School in the championship game. Congratulations to the varsity hockey team and coaches McCarthy, Phinney, Flanigan, Wright and Holland.

The 5th Basketball Team completed an excellent season with an overall record of 15 wins and 3 losses. Congratulations to coaches Martellini, McDonald, and Roberson and the 5th basketball team.
The 4th Basketball Team finished an outstanding season with a record of 18 wins and 3 losses. They won the Roxbury Latin Tournament with victories over St. Sebastians, Thayer & Roxbury Latin. Congratulations to coaches McDougal, Bracken and Chittock and the 4th basketball team.
Alpine Skiing

The Alpine Ski Team finished a championship season with an overall record of 38 wins and 1 loss, thereby earning them the ISL Championship outright. This is the team’s third consecutive ISL Championship. Congratulations to coaches Feldman, Trautz, and Cushman and the alpine ski team. Also in Alpine Skiing, Sasha Gannon was named ISL MVP and Globe All Scholastic for the second consecutive year. Congratulations Sasha.
The 3rd Squash Team completed a championship season with a victory at the US Squash Middle School Nationals at Yale. The team defeated Lancaster Country Day, Valley Forge School, and Bala Cynwood on route to the championship. This is the school’s second-ever US Squash Middle School National Championship. Congratulations to coaches Steffey and Vinton and the 3rd squash team. 
The JV Squash Team completed an outstanding season going undefeated in ISL play and finishing with an overall record of 10 wins and 2 losses. Congratulations to the JV squash team and Coach Gargan. 
The Varsity Squash Team completed another championship season going undefeated in ISL play and finishing the season with an overall dual match record of 13 wins and 1 loss. This is the squash team's 11th ISL Championship in the last 12 years. They finished 4th at the New England Tournament and 8th at the US Squash High School Nationals. Congratulations to the varsity squash team and coaches Brownell and Gargan.  

Nordic Skiing

The Nordic Ski Team continued to excel this season, remaining one of the best high school Nordic ski programs in New England. The team competed in the Lakes Region League in NH each Wednesday, amassing an overall record of 56 wins and 2 losses. The team captured the school’s second consecutive Lakes Region League Championship. This championship win reflects not only the cumulative team standings for the entire season but also a team win at the League Championship race on February 19th at Dublin. At that event, Belmont Hill had three skiers in the top 6 in the league: Aidan McGaugh 3rd, Charlie Donahue 5th, and Christiaan Eikeboom 6th. At the NEPSAC Championships on Feb 26 at Green Woodlands in NH, the team finished second, edged out in the afternoon classic race by Gould Academy after winning the morning freestyle event. At the NEPSAC Championship, Belmont Hill placed 3 skiers in the top 15: Charlie Donahue 12th, Christiaan Eikeboom 10th, and Aidan McGaugh 7th.
In addition to this league racing, the top three Belmont Hill skiers competed in Eastern Cup racing, which involves the top high school and collegiate skiers in the eastern half of the United States. Aidan McGaugh, Christiaan Eikeboom, and Charlie Donahue competed in three of these two-day weekend events held throughout Maine and Vermont, which combined both classic and freestyle skiing in events ranging from 1.5km sprint racing to 15km individual racing. Competing in these events meant that these skiers compiled season-long points towards Junior National standings. Through these races, Belmont Hill skiers distinguished themselves among the top 75 skiers under the age of 20 in the East: Charlie Donahue 63rd, Christiaan Eikeboom 55th, and Aidan McGaugh 44th. As a top U18 skier, Christiaan Eikeboom will compete on the MA state team in the All-New England race in mid-March in Fort Kent, Maine.
Congratulations to the Nordic Ski team and coaches Courtney, DeCaprio, and Kirby. 

The 3rd Wrestling Team finished another excellent season that included a New England Tournament Championship with 5 champions and 8 of 12 boys in the tournament finals. New England Champions were Andrew Pimentel, Aaron Stanger, Cord Vallis, Turner Rayment, and Andrew Bittner. Cord Vallis, with three first period pins, was named Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament, and Turner Rayment, with three consecutive New England titles, was named Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Season. Congratulations to Coaches Leonardis, Davis and Sullivan and the 3rd wrestling team.
The Varsity Wrestling Team completed a third consecutive historic season with an overall dual meet record of 19 wins and 3 losses. During the season they took 1st Place at the Graves-Kelsey Wrestling Championship and they won the ISL Dual meet championship by going a perfect 12-0 in league dual meets for the 5th consecutive year. The team won its third consecutive New England Championship at the Armory in Hartford, CT. This the 6th New England championship in school history and the fourth in the last five years. They followed that up by finishing 16th out of 121 schools at the Prep Wrestling Nationals at Lehigh. 
Six Belmont Hill Wrestlers, Freddy Pimental, Alex Gavronsky, Jimmy Harrington, Adam Figler, Daniel Bittner, and Harrison Shapiro were 2020 Graves Kelsey Tournament Champions. At the Graves Kelsey Tournament Alex Gavronsky was named the Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament. Harrison Shapiro was named ISL MVP and Globe All Scholastic. 
Jimmy Harrington and Harrison Shapiro were 2020 New England Champions. At the New England Championship Jimmy Harrington was named Outstanding Wrestler in the Lower Weight divisions and Harrison Shapiro was named Outstanding Wrestler in the Upper Weight Divisions. 
Finally, Freddy Pimental, Jimmy Harrington and Harrison Shapiro earned All American honors at the National Prep Tournament. 
Congratulations to coaches Bradley, Leonardis, Kaplan, Davis, and Sullivan and the varsity wrestling team.
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