Students Recognized with Art Awards at School Meeting

In School Meeting on January 31, Art Department Chair Steve Kaplan '83 recognized students for work completed in the first semester. A slideshow of the prize-winning work, ranging from Form I drawing to Advanced Woodworking, was presented.
“Right now I’m focused on two things: how much we emphasize risk-taking in the arts and how can we help interested and passionate artists put more on their plates,” said Mr. Kaplan. “It made me think about how much we practice and play a sport we enjoy and how easily we move on from a missed shot or missed block. We are so conditioned to seeing the big picture in sports but it is hard for us to bring the same perspective to making things with our hands.”

Mr. Kaplan encouraged the students to “Pursue an interest or passion and take risks. Put yourself out there. Condition yourself to face into some fear and have faith that your practice will yield better results and maybe even success. But don’t be afraid of failure, especially while you’re here and you’re still learning and developing.” 

Mr. Kaplan reminded us that all judging of art is subjective, but wanted to highlight that this show was judged by a Belmont Hill graduate, Ryder Gordon '14, who will have his work on display in the Landau Gallery in May.

Certificates were presented at the conclusion of the program to each of the students. First Place winners received a lapel pin. Congratulations to the following students:

Form I Perspective Drawings
Third Place: Henry Hagerdorn
Second Place: Thomas Dolan
First Place: William Walton

Form II Design
Third Place in Design: Derek Potamis and Luke Guleserian
Second Place: Sean Scales and Henry Hasselbeck
First Place: Harry Hall and Scott Black

Digital Video
Third Place: Eli Goldstein
Second Place: Ben Wood
First Place: Malcolm Grant

Third Place: Renny Gong
Second Place: Cooper Nelson
First Place: Izzy Porro

Advanced Photography (Photo Books)
Third Place: Will Okurowski
Second Place: Charlie Donahue
First Place: Matthew Drucker

Third Place: Sam Atalla
Second Place: Danny Markham
First Place: Harvey Rupp

Advanced Ceramics
Third Place: Igaju Agba
Second Place: Will McFadden
First Place: Ben Morales

Third Place: Bennett Carroll
Second Place: Christian Brunner
First Place: Aaron Green

Advanced Woodworking
Third Place: David Carter
Second Place: Ethan O’Neil
First Place: Zephan Kraus

Best in Show: Harvey Rupp

Click here to see a slideshow of the recent student exhibit in the Landau Gallery. 
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