Belmont Hill Student Art Show on Exhibit

Ceramics, Form II Design, Photography, Woodworking, and Conceptual Physics classes have showcased their work in the Landau Gallery and will be on exhibit through January 31. A slideshow of the artwork appears below. 

Photography - Mr. Duarte
The photography on display represents a cross-section of assignments from Photo 1. The course is taught using 35mm black-and-white film and prints are created using a gelatin silver process. “It is a completely hands-on, analog process,” says Mr. Duarte. In addition to the prints on display are handmade photo books by four students. The books are printed in the School’s lab and hand-stitched by the photographer. Also in the gallery are video screens to display the final projects of six students. The projects are 5-minute short narrative films in the genre of their choice.
Woodworking - Mr. Kaplan
In Mr. Kaplan’s Woodworking class, the students create a mahogany and cherry dovetail box with hand-carved tops. Students learn a variety of hand-tool techniques using traditional tools to make elaborate projects. Japanese pull saws and chisels sharpened by the students are used extensively to make the intricate joinery. In the finishing touches, the boys learn about sanding, applying an oil-based finish and how to install mortise-style hinges. Students in the Advanced Woodworking class completed tables. Starting from rough lumber, students learned to mill stock to the desired dimension.
Ceramics - Mrs. Kaplan
Beginning Ceramics covers a wide range of techniques including hand building, slab work, and throwing using the pottery wheel. Projects are assigned with the intent to build on skills to develop independence in the studio. The final project is chosen by each student to explore a technique they would like to further develop skills and independence. Advanced Ceramics is driven by the student's exploration of ideas with in-depth personal instruction. Through this exploration of a specific area of concentration, each student develops a body of work with a personal voice.
Conceptual Physics - Mr. Trautz
The students in Mr. Trautz’s Conceptual Physics class spent the semester learning Newtonian Physics and kinematics while working on an "Applied Physics & Design" project. The boys designed traditional wooden toboggans using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, tested their design in a virtual wind tunnel by importing their CAD drawings, prototyped the designs on the MakerBot 3D printers and then completed a full-scale build. During the full-scale build, the boys were tasked with steam bending the slats of wood made of Green Ash. On Sunday, the toboggans will be put to the test at the Camden Snow Bowl on the 70' tall and 400' long Jack Williams Toboggan Chute where they will likely approach speeds of up to 40 mph.

Form II Design
This class meets two afternoons a week for a third of the year and introduces students to principles in design through architecture. Fundamental investigations of sustainability and energy conservation in the built environment lead to having students design a 3,000 square foot single-family home. Students team up and sketch floor plans before learning how to precisely scale the drawings and make an accurate 1/4" = 1' model. Adjacency issues, space requirements, and aesthetics are part of every conversation.
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