Ten Years of Turkeys, Thanksgiving Meals, and Meaningful Work

For the tenth year, the Belmont Hill Turkey Drive achieved its goal of providing hearty Thanksgiving dinner ingredient boxes to local families in need. Led by the Third Form, the project provided 576 meals this year. Each box contains a frozen turkey, canned vegetables, stuffing, gravy, yams, bread, butter, cranberry sauce, and a pie. The tally for meals for the ten years is 3,623 families - meaning that the drive has been able to serve upwards of 15,000 people. 

In 2010, Mr. Trautz approached Mrs. David with the idea of a Belmont Hill turkey drive based on an experience he had while he was a student at Cheverus High School in Portland, Maine. Cheverus has been running its drive for more than 40 years, averaging 400 families served each year, and it proved to be a memorable experience for Mr. Trautz. Mrs. David said she would do the work of finding the families through local community groups if Mr. Trautz would oversee the organization and collection of food. In its first year, the project provided 36 meals and collected 71 turkeys to be donated.

“Each year, we are grateful for the outpouring of generosity from the entire Belmont Hill community,” said Director of Community Service Mr. George, adding that “there are all the food donations, obviously, but also the tremendous amount of labor that goes on behind the scenes to organize meal boxes, drive meals to families, coordinate volunteers, and much more.” Although the project is led by Form III, the entire school community: parents, faculty, staff, and friends of Belmont Hill step up and pitch in to make everything happen. The School's food services and facilities management team provides critical logistical support. Each year, local corporate sponsors also participate, such as Iggy’s Bread, Jessica’s Brick Oven, Panera Bread, Oakhurst, Russo’s, Ocean Spray, Sodexo, Market Basket, The Greater Boston Food Bank, Harpoon Brewery, and Sysco. And most importantly, Belmont Hill would not be able to make the Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Drive work without its partner organizations out in the community who connect these meals to families who need them.

Please see the video below created by Jeremy Eaton ’23 and Mr. Duarte to learn more about this meaningful Belmont Hill project.  
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