Two Winners at this Year’s Fall Woodbury Speaking Contest

There were a different look and process to this year’s fall Woodbury Speaking Contest. With the chapel under renovation, the event took place in Fritz Gym.
All six finalists gave their presentations on Friday, October 11, and all were impressive. After deliberating not once but twice to determine a winner, the judges decided on an unprecedented tie between Ikenna Ugbaja ’20 and Adam Alto '20.
The topics were wide-ranging. Max Peterson ’20 focused on service and sacrifice for one’s country, particularly the 13 members of the Belmont Hill community who have given their lives for their country. Alex Attalla ’21 examined the chicken sandwich standoff and making new friends in unexpected places. Renny Gong ’20 spoke of his passion for table tennis, striving for the championship and realizing that all points (even the ones you don't win) are worth celebrating. Will Smith ’22 looked at the annual flag football battle at his summer camp and the importance of teamwork over individual glory. Winner Adam Alto ’21 explored the dilemma of cup or cone with ice cream, with the cone as a symbol of childhood and cup as a symbol of adulthood. Winner Ikenna Ugbaja ’21 asked: Who is American? He included references to Emma Lazarus' poem (at the base of the Statue of Liberty) and the Bible.
Each boy spoke with poise and distinction, making this a truly memorable event.
To read Ikenna Ugbaja’s speech, please follow this link.
To read Adam Alto’s speech, please follow this link.
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