Cum Laude Chapel Honors Outstanding Academic Achievement

The annual Cum Laude chapel is an opportunity to highlight a variety of forms of academic excellence at Belmont Hill.
As Greg Schneider, Ronald M. Druker ’62 Head of School pointed out, “When we consider Belmont Hill’s mission of developing men of good character, today is a day to recognize the primacy of academic scholarship inherent in this charge.”
While the day is a time to honor the academic achievements of Belmont Hill students, the chapel particularly marks the exceptional achievement of Form VI students who have been granted membership in the Cum Laude Society, the highest academic honor a student can attain at Belmont Hill.
“As we prepare now to honor a number of compelling individual achievements, I want to be sure to pause and say congratulations to every boy in this gym today,” Mr. Schneider said. “I continue to be inspired by the collective effort and sense of rigorous intellectual work in this community. And while Belmont Hill clearly believes in the role of healthy competition for boys, I want to remind all of you that your intrinsic curiosity and motivation to achieve will be so much more important than any award we might offer you today.”
Mr. Schneider then honored those boys receiving National Merit consideration, Advanced Placement Honors, Middle School Achievement Awards, and finally the Cum Laude inductees. Please follow this link to see a listing of those honored. 
The morning closed with a special guest speaker. Sarah Pelmas is the eighth Head of School at Winsor School. Her talk, entitled “Why it Matters to be Smart,” combined humor with sage insights and heartfelt advice to the boys. “The world is a better place when everyone is as smart as they can be,” Ms. Pelmas told the boys. “And the world needs you and your brains, whatever your particular brand of smart turns out to be. It’s important to be smart because there is a lot of big work to be done, and because we need to work together to alleviate suffering, to save this planet, and to help everyone around us grow and thrive…It’s important to be smart because, as you grow your catalog of facts, you will find it easier to honor the dignity in every person you meet and you will find such happiness in the connections you see, from past to future, from person to person, and from idea to idea.”
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Belmont Hill School educates boys in mind, body, and spirit to develop men of good character. Our community encourages and challenges students to discover and pursue passions, seek excellence, and face adversity with resilience. We cultivate critical thinking and creativity, teamwork and competition, hard work and reflection, tradition and innovation. Valuing our differences and working together, we embrace camaraderie, compassion, and service to others. Our school strives to instill in each boy ethical judgment, a sense of common humanity, and a lifelong love of learning.