Class President Jack McHugh Addresses his Classmates

The longtime Belmont Hill tradition of the class president addressing his classmates continued today in a special School Meeting held in the Fritz Gym while chapel renovation continues.

Class president Jack McHugh delivered a heartfelt talk about his time on the Hill, the faculty who have shaped his growth, and the brotherhood of his classmates that he so treasures.
“I stepped onto campus for the first time as a Belmont Hill student five years ago,” he began. “I was a shy, little, but at the same time “not-so-little,” First Former. My tie wasn’t tied correctly, my blazer was too big, and my dress shoes hurt my feet.” After walking his classmates through many of his experiences on the Hill, he left them with an important piece of advice. “After hearing this speech, I hope I have provoked you all to think about what Belmont Hill has done and can do for you, and to take full advantage of everything this great school has to offer.”
Before Jack’s talk, Greg Schneider, Ronald M. Druker ’62 Head of School, presented Jack with a commemorative Belmont Hill coin termed a “character coin.” “This summer, the Administration decided to begin distributing these coins at chapels and other gatherings as “
'character coins,'” Mr. Schneider explained. “They will be intended to recognize and honor special moments of character in our community that might otherwise go unnoticed. More simply put, the character coin acknowledges students who live the mission of Belmont Hill in a special way. We could think of no better first recipient of this new tradition than our speaker today.”
Please enjoy Jack’s full speech in the above video.
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Belmont Hill School educates boys in mind, body, and spirit to develop men of good character. Our community encourages and challenges students to discover and pursue passions, seek excellence, and face adversity with resilience. We cultivate critical thinking and creativity, teamwork and competition, hard work and reflection, tradition and innovation. Valuing our differences and working together, we embrace camaraderie, compassion, and service to others. Our school strives to instill in each boy ethical judgment, a sense of common humanity, and a lifelong love of learning.