Coed camps include Multi Sports, Flag Football, and Strength and Conditioning. Click below for a full description of each program.


Multi Sports (ages 6-9)
This coed camp is an introduction to full day sports camp for children ages 6-9. Many different sports and games are played – soccer, kickball, wiffle ball, floor hockey, baseball, four square, basketball – and the experience will be augmented with community building and arts activities, as well as indoor break time after lunch.  The program will emphasize making new friends, being active, and learning.  All campers MUST have completed kindergarten.

Flag Football (ages 6-14)
This is the perfect program for young athletes who want a complete introduction to the game or for those who simply want to brush up on their skills in preparation for league play. This non-contact camp teaches skills on both sides of the ball including passing, catching, and de-flagging or defensive positioning, in a fun and positive environment. Registration is by age group, and is strictly limited. All participants should bring sunscreen and a refillable water bottle. Cleats are recommended but sneakers are
appropriate; if campers wear cleats, they should bring sneakers to wear for any indoor activities.

Strength & Conditioning (ages 12-17) NEW THIS SUMMER!
These two three-week sessions will serve to inform, motivate coach and train any athlete who wants to be the strongest competitor on and off the field.  It is designed to address the individual student athlete’s needs.  For a full description, please see our website.  

Athletic Based training includes:
  • Injury Reduction – Assess athletes to identify and correct deficiencies and muscular
  • imbalances.
  • Flexibility – Soft tissue work (Foam Rolling), stretching and muscle activation work.
  • Mobility – Ground-Base, Joint and Hip
  • Speed Development – Linear, Lateral, Acceleration, Deceleration, Running Mechanics
  • and footwork.
  • Explosive Power – Plyometrics, Olympic Lifts, Medicine Ball Work.
  • Strength Development – Proper Functional Training of the total body, upper-body, lower-
  • body and core.
  • Conditioning – condition based training for preparation your sport getting you game
  • ready.
  • Nutrition – Educational information and advice on proper nutrition.
Although it is ideally designed to be a multi-week, progressive program, students may choose to enroll for a single week or for all five. Sessions will be divided into two age groups: 12-14 and 15-17 to assure proper attention to appropriate workouts.
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