Current Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability practices on the Belmont Hill campus abound with the goals of reducing the school's ecological footprint and lessening the impact in areas such as energy and water consumption, the disposal of waste, and the use of toxic materials.

New Solar Array On Science Building
Thanks to the efforts of Belmont Hill School’s Sustainability Club, a new solar array installation on the roof of the Science Building is estimated to generate over 25,000 kilowatt hours of power per year for the building.
Led by Jack Daley ’17, Andrew Kaneb ’17, and Michael Armstrong ’17, the students approached CFO and Director of Operations, Jay Bounty and Director of Facilities, Kevin Young, with a proposal for the solar installation. The boys had done all the necessary research including reaching out to the provider of the solar array on the roof of the Jordan Athletic Center, obtaining a quote for the project, securing the necessary permits from the Town of Belmont, and writing a proposal on how to finance the project.
The students presented Mr. Bounty and Mr. Young with two options: The first was to pay the solar company a fixed price per kilowatt hour for the energy produced; the second option was to purchase the solar array directly from the solar company and then pay nothing for the energy generated. After the analysis presented by Jack, Andrew, and Michael, it was determined that it would be more economical for the School to purchase the panels.
Now installed, the power the panels produce will reduce the amount of power the School has to purchase from the Town of Belmont. Belmont Hill is able to further defray the cost of the purchase through solar resource energy credits it can trade on the energy market. The project is expected to have a return on investment of four to six years.
“This project was an awesome experience for us because we were able to cost-effectively reduce the School’s carbon footprint while also learning a lot about solar technology, finance, and environmental policy,” said Jack Daley. “I hope our story can inspire future students to promote solar energy not only on campus, but also in their own homes.”
“As we continue to investigate ways to reduce our carbon footprint, it was very exciting to see a student-led project come to fruition,” said Jay Bounty. “The fact that the Sustainability Club presented such a well-researched plan helped the project become a reality and further increase the energy efficiency of our campus. In fact, we are excited to report that the solar array on the Jordan Athletic Center has just surpassed one million kilowatt hours.”
Reusable Water Bottles
90,000 plastic bottles are thrown out in the US every minute, bringing drastic effects to environment. To help address this important issue, the Sustainability Club initiated a campaign to eliminate disposable plastic bottles from campus. The plan was twofold: first, we  partnered with administration to provide a free reusable water bottle for each student. Second, we worked with the kitchen staff to ban plastic water bottle sales at snackbar. The club also showed students several informative films about the effects of plastic water bottle disposal on the environment.

Weighing Food Waste
After every lunch, a member of the Sustainability Club weighs the trash in order to raise awareness about mindful consumption in the hopes that students will reduce their waste.

During the spring of 2018, the school added composting receptacles in the dining hall in a partnership with Bootstrap Compost. Bootstrap Compost comes weekly to pick up our compostable items and creates fertilizer that can be sold to local farms, putting Belmont Hill's waste to use.
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