Community & Diversity on Campus

Our focus on community and our dedication to diversity are clear. Our students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged to share their voices, experiences, and ideas as openly and authentically as possible. This encouragement helps our boys develop a sense of confidence and integrity that makes them active participants in their dynamic worlds. Below are descriptions of programs and groups offered within the Belmont Hill Community:

Upper School: 
Students Actively Fostering Equality (SAFE) is Belmont Hill's Upper School diversity group. This group is committed to providing an atmosphere where students can embrace their own identities while becoming more aware of the cultural identities of others. SAFE prepares young leaders of tomorrow by helping individuals develop a strong sense of duty in regards to promoting social equity.

Middle School:
Middle School Diversity Workshops
Each year, Forms I, II, and III participate in Middle School Diversity Workshops. The workshops consist of a series of nine sessions -- three in each Form that take place each season. The sessions are designed to:
  • Provide age-appropriate conversations on issues of diversity and pluralism, cultural awareness, identity development, and social action leadership;
  • Intersect and build upon the Form themes of Hero, Manhood, and Leadership and Ethics;
  • Allow the sessions to build upon each other throughout the year, while allowing a similar development from year to year;
  • Institutionalize opportunities for Upper School boys to work with the younger boys to help build community and awareness and;
  • Create a curriculum through which all Middle School boys learn how to use diversity to connect with each other and themselves.
People Respecting Individual Differences Everywhere (PRIDE) seeks to enhance the climate of Belmont Hill by educating the community on the perspectives and experiences of all its members. By maintaining an active and visible presence in school life, PRIDE strives to increase social awareness in the Middle School and to appreciate the school's diverse composition.

Faculty and Staff:
The Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee (FSDC) champions diversity awareness and initiatives for all students, faculty, and staff. This Committee gives our educators an opportunity to participate in fruitful discussions about the culture and climate of the Belmont Hill community.

The mission of Parents for Diversity (PFD), a subcommittee of our Parents' Council, is to promote and to support the efforts of Belmont Hill's Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff to embrace the rich diversity of our community. All parents of young men who currently attend or have graduated from the Belmont Hill School are welcome to join Parents for Diversity. Members of PFD are valuable and trusted resources for students, mentors for new parents, and partners with other programs within the community.
Belmont Hill’s Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) strengthens relations among all of Belmont Hill’s alumni to enhance the diversity, openness, and climate of the greater school community. MAP realizes these objectives through targeted programs, networking events and community outreach, all in collaboration with past and present students, parents, faculty, staff, and trustees.
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Belmont Hill School educates boys in mind, body, and spirit to develop men of good character. Our community encourages and challenges students to discover and pursue passions, seek excellence, and face adversity with resilience. We cultivate critical thinking and creativity, teamwork and competition, hard work and reflection, tradition and innovation. Valuing our differences and working together, we embrace camaraderie, compassion, and service to others. Our school strives to instill in each boy ethical judgment, a sense of common humanity, and a lifelong love of learning.