Athletics and Exercise

Given that the ISL has decided that traditional interscholastic league competition is not possible this fall, we have worked to create athletic offerings on campus that can afford our boys a needed chance to exercise socially distanced with peers while also working on critical skill development in their sports of choice.

Click here to read the Fall Athletic Protocols (added 9/11/20)
Click here to read the Winter Athletic Protocols (added 11/16/20)

State guidelines have not been formally released regarding athletics at this time, so our athletic plan will be meaningfully shaped in the weeks ahead. Belmont Hill will certainly be in compliance with all relevant state guidelines.

What is described here is tentative but intended to give families a sense of the program we hope to provide this fall. In order to best balance safety with the needs of the boys, faculty, and our new academic schedule, sports will be offered twice a week by division after classes. Additionally, we will offer virtual boot camps and yoga on Wednesday afternoons to those students who are interested. While sports are encouraged two days a week for both Middle and Upper School students, families will be allowed to opt out of sports for any reason or concern. With that said, we do want to partner with families to make sure all boys are exercising regularly. We believe our desired athletic program will also offer needed social interaction in a safe way.

We also hope to provide optional athletic programming some Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm throughout the fall depending on interest. For the fall, our desired plan is to divide the ten weeks into two five-week sessions. Fall and spring sports offerings will be available in the first session, while winter and fall options will be generally available in the second session. Some sports will not be able to run based on safety or facility limitations. All boys will be surveyed for their session preferences in August pending the release of relevant guidelines. We believe this program, which will be grouped by ability, will be incredibly helpful for our boys who continue to seek improvement in their sports of choice while also allowing for pursuing safe activities off campus as needed. Exact offerings, schedules, and plans will be finalized in the days ahead.

The ISL will review the efficacy of interscholastic competition season by season. Even without a traditional ISL season, we will continue to explore the possibility of safe competition against other local schools if possible. We know there may be other club offerings available to our boys off campus, but we remain concerned about the potential exposure risk of all activities outside of school that could jeopardize our ability to maintain school on campus for the whole community. We are asking all families to be sure that any activity they pursue fits within the spirit and guidelines of Belmont Hill’s return-to-school plan. Our school is founded on concepts of character, integrity, and honesty, and we need all of our families to demonstrate these qualities in order to deliver our desired experience this fall.
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