Boarding and Residential Life

The residential program is essential to the vibrancy of life at Belmont Hill, but it comes with unique challenges in the context of COVID-19. Most importantly, we are fortunate to access the Howe House this year to provide an individual room for each residential student. While safety protocols will clearly alter the feel of the residential experience, we look forward to finding creative ways to build community and fun in this new environment. 

Whether or not we are in a full-school or split-school model, the expectation is that boarding students will engage in their remote learning during the week on campus from the dorms. While boarders will be allowed to leave campus in some circumstances that have been pre-approved by dorm faculty, we want to minimize frequent departures in our residential community to the best of our ability. Any family who would prefer to transition to day-student status before or during the year should simply reach out to the Director of Residential life to begin that conversation.

Residential-Life Protocols:
  • Social distancing of six feet will be maintained at all times and masks will be worn in common spaces at all times. Hallway traffic and stairwells will be clearly indicated to assist with this.

  • Hand sanitizer will be widely available as well as sanitizing wipes to be used for common items (TV remotes, ping pong paddles, etc.).

  • Only one student will be allowed in a bathroom at a time - shower schedules will be facilitated by dorm staff. Residents will each be assigned a bathroom to minimize usage in any single space.

  • Cleaning protocols will be increased, including cleaning after boys leave for school each day. Bathrooms will be cleaned at least twice a day.

  • As per usual, students are not allowed to return to dorms during on-campus academic days.

  • Proctored study hall in the evening will still be available in a socially distanced space on campus in masks.

  • Students are only allowed in their own single rooms - no visitors will be allowed.

  • Approval to leave campus must be given by the Director of Residential Life.

  • The dining hall provides ample space for socially distanced breakfast and dinner; these meals will not be available to day students until further notice.

  • Single-serving snacks and food items will be available in common spaces.

  • Dorm families, and their pets, will not enter the student spaces - only dorm staff will interact with the students indoors.

  • Any student who is determined to be ill or exhibiting symptoms will need to be picked up immediately, and a quarantine space will be provided for these students as needed.
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