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Protocols for School Opening: Fall 2020

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  • Overview and Establishment of Protocols

  • Guidelines

    Returning to campus during a global pandemic represents a new challenge for the Belmont Hill community, yet we will continue to be guided by our mission focused upon character and our culture of working together. While there is no return-to-school plan that can eliminate all risk related to COVID-19, our goal is to provide the safest possible scenario to offer our boys in-person learning opportunities to start the year. This involves sacrifices and partnership from our students, their families, and from our faculty and staff. Just as we valued iteration and feedback during remote learning last spring, we must be flexible and adaptable this fall.
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  • Key Goals

    • Mitigate risk for the safety of our entire community to allow on-campus learning for as long as possible through the implementation and adherence to protocols.

    • Continue to deliver the quintessential experience of Belmont Hill excellence in education through a flexible and adaptable learning environment that supports our students’ curricular progression with as little disruption as possible.

    • Remain true to our mission focused upon character development and our culture of working together, including our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, during this unique global pandemic. 

Campus-Wide Health Protocols

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  • Protocol Guidance

    Belmont Hill has developed the protocols below based upon current recommendations by the CDC, DESE, and the Belmont Department of Public Health. The School will continue to follow each of the guidelines from these sources as they are updated.
  • Mask-Wearing Requirements

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  • Daily Health Screening

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  • Testing, Tracing, and Quarantine

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  • Social/Physical Distancing

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  • Hand Hygiene

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  • Bathroom Use

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  • Campus Cleaning

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  • Visitors to Campus

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  • Off-Campus Activities

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Academic-Day Protocols

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  • School Calendar

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  • Academic Schedule

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  • Remote Learning Options

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  • Arrival and Departure

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  • Dress Code

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  • Cubbies and Lockers

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  • Support Services

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  • Athletics and Exercise

    Given that the ISL has decided that traditional interscholastic league competition is not possible this fall, we have worked to create athletic offerings on campus that can afford our boys a needed chance to exercise socially distanced with peers while also working on critical skill development in their sports of choice.
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Traditional band and choir activities will be suspended until further notice based on the risk of airborne transmission, although strings, percussion, and electronic music remain viable options. There may be some opportunity for outdoor performance throughout the year. Choir and band activities will have virtual opportunities, and all private lessons will happen virtually as well. Modified drama will still be possible on a scaled-down version and can be pursued in the afternoons in lieu of sports activities.

All clubs and extra help will be virtual to begin the year. In a typical week, we have created a virtual X Block at 4:00 pm on the following days: Wednesday for the entire school, MS virtual X on Mondays and Thursdays, and Upper School virtual X on Tuesdays. Some required programs will take place during virtual X for Middle School students. In addition, students should use this time to connect virtually with clubs or pursue extra help with teachers, who will all be available virtually if they are not coaching. In the spirit of limiting the amount of mixing and transitions on campus, we believe these activities are best served in this virtual paradigm.

Student Talk: Fall Re-Opening Webinar 7/30

Parent Talk: School Re-Opening Webinar 7/30

Important Dates

  • Student Webinar: School Reopening Logistics:
    Thursday, July 30 - 1:30 pm 

  • Parent Webinar: School Reopening Logistics:
    Thursday, July 30 - 6:30 pm

  • Parent Webinar with Belmont Hill School Mental Health Counselors Dr. Thompson and Ms. Schmunk: Monday, August 3 - 5:00 pm

  • Orientation: August 27 & 28 (divided into smaller groups)

  • Acclimation: Monday, August 31

  • Classes Begin: Tuesday, September 1

Belmont Hill Resources

Remote Learning Infrastructure

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  • Zoom Rooms, Canvas, and New Classroom Hardware

    From a pedagogical perspective, our community’s experiences this past spring helped us recognize the challenges of translating the Belmont Hill experience that invests heavily in interpersonal connections and collaboration into a remote environment. But despite those challenges, we also recognize that finding an effective way to do so is critical to our success within this new paradigm. While there is no substitute for in-person education, we recognize that not all students and faculty members will be able to be physically present in class each day. More so, as a school, we will need to be able to quickly transition into and out of remote learning.
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Dining Program

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  • Meals and Snacks

    The social distancing and schedule changes have required the School to make adjustments to our conventional food-service and snack programs for students, faculty, and staff. 
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  • Boarding and Residential Life

    The residential program is essential to the vibrancy of life at Belmont Hill, but it comes with unique challenges in the context of COVID-19. Most importantly, we are fortunate to access the Howe House this year to provide an individual room for each residential student. While safety protocols will clearly alter the feel of the residential experience, we look forward to finding creative ways to build community and fun in this new environment. 
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  • Bus Transportation

    The safety of our students while traveling to and from campus on a school bus is paramount. In an effort to reduce the risk of exposure of our students to COVID-19 we have implemented protocols for students being transported to school on buses.
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