Athletic Facilities

Cross Family Fitness Center

The Cross Family Fitness Center is a state-of-the-art workout facility featuring the most advanced strength and conditioning equipment. Staffed by Mike Stella’s company, Stella Strength, room was outfitted by Sorinex, a leading innovator in strength and conditioning equipment who work with hundreds of colleges, military bases, and over 90 percent of the NFL, including the New England Patriots.

The room features:
  • Ecore Performance flooring for improved absorption to joints and limbs
  • 8 - custom built racks for enhanced strength development, offering a vast array of opportunities to train teams and individuals alike
  • 2 “pit sharks”, a powerful strength and mass builder used to train squat and deadlift movements safely and effectively
  • A full run of dumbbells suited to handle the team environment, as well as a multitude of Kettlebells and med balls for enhanced metabolic conditioning
  • A recovery station for flexibility and self-myofascial release, along with specialty bars to make lifts more challenging and enhance pre-existing lifts, and a variety of treadmills, bikes (including the watt bike), and ellipticals for conditioning and other aerobic workouts
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