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Belmont Hill continues to offer an athletic program marked by great breadth and depth. We offer 16 sports through three seasons, the most of all our peer schools. We offer as many as 58 teams during the year.

There are opportunities available for any boy’s ability and interest level. Our history of athletic excellence speaks for itself. The teacher-coach model, our first-rate facilities, and the time allotted for athletics all make for a very enriching and enjoyable experience for our boys.”

George Tahan
Athletic Director

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Teacher-Coach Model

To a strong degree, coaching is done by Belmont Hill teachers all through the athletic program.  This reinforces the idea that this is part of what we do as a school. It’s not just that we have coaches who are willing to serve; our faculty embrace this.

This defining quality lies at the heart of the athletic program.  Students develop relationships with faculty that are enriched through athletic competition, but extend far beyond that.  Students not only are taught in the classroom by their coaches, but also are advised by them and eat lunch with them every day.

“That virtually all teachers are coaches is a huge difference and I don’t think that can possibly be overestimated. We know the students and they know us—we’re not just people coming on campus for a couple of hours a day.  That’s quite a big distinction.”  

Chris Richards
Varsity crew and Middle School cross country coach 


There seems to be an overriding feeling among coaches that there is a certain intangible element that exists on the Hill that greatly contributes to maintaining a successful program.  Call it “spirit.”

It begins with the spirit of involvement.  There is an overwhelming interest among students to participate in sports. Seventeen sports are offered and the School often adds teams to accommodate the interest.  This practice ensures that if a boy wants to play a sport, he can find a place. Even those who are shut out of a sport often look to another available sport and find a new interest. 

“The athletic fields are just another classroom. All coaches here are on the same page in terms of teaching life lessons first and team success second.”

Chris Butler
Varsity football and assistant varsity lacrosse coach