Anti-Racism and Social Justice Resources

June 11, 2020
Dear Students,
Mr. Grant and I have helped coordinate a number of opportunities for you as we work together through what is hopefully a transformational time for both our country and school community, but what is also an emotional and possibly confusing time as a student. Our hope is that we can offer students chances for emotional support, constructive conversations about racial inequality, and enrichment reading and film study throughout the summer.  
Mr. Rosser, who just joined our community, and I will be convening meetings for boys of color to discuss their broader experience, both at Belmont Hill and within their own communities. Ms. Schmunk and Mr. Butler have been engaged with Upper School students for over a week now, and plan to continue these meetings. Our plan is to replicate these meetings with additional help from Ms. Ginsberg and Mrs. Rupley with Middle School boys in the coming days. If you would like to be a part of those conversations please reach out to Mrs. Rupley or Ms. Schmunk.
Lastly, as many of you may have heard, Mr. Smith has been hard at work with many other faculty members to pull together a variety of summer enrichment programming. Amongst these opportunities will be chances to watch films and read books that engage in these issues. Please be on the ready when the summer enrichment programs are posted.
As always, if you have individual questions you can reach out to your advisor, me, Mr. Grant, Mrs. Hamilton or Mr. Bradley.
All the best,
Mr. Collins and Mr. Grant

Additional Resources, Articles, Guides, and Videos

Organized by evolution of white identity development

TED Talks to help you understand racism in America:
From passionate pleas for reform to poetic turns of phrase, these talks take an honest look at everyday realities of Black Americans and illuminate the way forward.
(written by graduate of Weston High School whose family took part in METCO - shared to Facebook by Charlie Greenwood ‘16) 

Hotchkiss Community Conversation:
George Floyd, Police Brutality, and Protest - with guest DeRay Mckesson
(May 31) -- permission to share granted by Hotchkiss Int’l Programs director

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi & Derecka Purnell—Raising Antiracist Kids: 
Ted Talk by Ibram X. Kendi

Story Starters uses children’s literature to give families the tools and support to talk about race and racism and to engage in family-centered social justice conversations and actions.

There Is No Such Thing as a White Ally "Racism is not mine, it is yours, and what you do is not called 'help' when it is your mess we are cleaning." by Catherine Pugh, Esq. 
Reading List  assembled by New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Black Liberation 

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