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Kennebec Academy


Belmont Hill School has the honor and pleasure of making available here on its website a collection of stories by Roger F. Duncan entitled Kennebec Academy.  This is the name of an imagined Maine boarding school, described vividly and reflectively in the book’s chapters by Mr. Duncan as he presents an account of a year in its life.  The chapters were mostly not written in a consecutive narrative, however, but as spontaneous essays addressing the values and development of human character and spirit that can be so powerful in the crucible of a secondary school community, sometimes just at the moment they were most needed and helpful.
Hill graduates of the 1970s and early 1980s will remember encountering certain of these chapters as morning talks delivered by Mr. Duncan in the Hamilton Chapel. How well he knew boys’ susceptibility to being drawn in to an intriguing story, peopled by characters of sure relevance to their own lives and facing challenges similar or identical to theirs.  (After all, he taught and coached boys for 44 years and was the progenitor of three sons and seven grandsons.)  “Honesty”, “generosity”, “community”, “sensitivity”, “self-confidence”, “teamwork”, among other human capacities, were to him worth discussing, understanding and acquiring.  In his carefully crafted and often poignant 15-minute talks, Mr. Duncan led boys closer to these values and with greater enthusiasm on their part than might have been aroused by even the most sympathetic preceptor. And the whole remains a memorable and enduring sum of its parts. 
We commend Kennebec Academy to all readers who knew or admired Mr. Duncan and who put their stock in school communities. And we thank wholeheartedly the author’s brother Donald for his labor of love in transcribing the manuscripts of the work and making them available to Belmont Hill and a wider readership.
                                                         Harold Prenatt
                                                         Belmont, 2013
    • Roger F. Duncan (1916-2010), author of Kennebec Academy.

Kennebec Academy by Roger F. Duncan, Former Head of School

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