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Belmont Hill in the Military

On May 27, 2011 Belmont Hill School dedicated a memorial in enduring memory of the young men of Belmont Hill School who gave their lives in defense of their county and human freedom. This meaningful memorial and event started a conversation about compiling a record and recognizing all Belmont Hill alumni who have served in the military. The alumni leadership and School archivist are pleased to initiate this effort. 

Belmont Hill Military Alumni News

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Have you served in the military? To be publicly recognized in the Belmont Hill School Military Register, please complete the entire form below. If you have any questions, please call the Alumni Office at 617-993-5203.
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The 13

The Fallen Soldiers of Belmont Hill club was created to honor the 13 former Belmont Hill students killed in action during a foreign conflict. "The 13" website pays tribute to their legacy. Follow this link to learn more.

Veterans Day Speakers

The following alumni and guests have been featured during School Meetings in observance of Veterans Day at Belmont Hill. 
2020 - Daniel W. McDonald '05
2019 -
David Schopler
2018 - Mark R. Dube ’07
2017 - G. Bruce Greer, Jr. ’78
2016 - Richard Kermond, USCG ’77
2015 - Mark A. Milley ’76
2014 - J. Chase Johnson ’00
2013 - Henry H. Meyer, Jr. ’39 *
2012 - Sam Dillon
2011 - Joseph Worley, Vetdogs
2010 - Christopher J. O'Connell ’77
2009 - George W. Seeley
2008 - Kevin Keefe ’05
2007 - Sisters, Fellow Combat Veterans
2006 - Dr. David Casey ’88
2004 - Kevin Keefe ’05 and Cliff Goodband (remarks about Captain William Emerson '60) (Faculty 1971-2010)
2003 - Alex Herzlinger ’96
2002 - Christopher O'Connell ’77
2001 - Brian Shortsleeve ’91
2000 - Damon L. Gause
1999 - Chris Wiesman ’87
1996 - Herbert Mattlage (Faculty, 1946-1982)
1992 - Richard W. Hoffman (Faculty, 1991-2014)

Belmont Hill Alumni Military Register

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