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Belmont Hill in the Military

On May 27, 2011 Belmont Hill School dedicated a memorial in enduring memory of the young men of Belmont Hill School who gave their lives in defense of their county and human freedom. This meaningful memorial and event started a conversation about compiling a record and recognizing all Belmont Hill alumni who have served in the military. The alumni leadership and School archivist are pleased to initiate this effort. 

Belmont Hill Military Alumni News

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The 13

The Fallen Soldiers of Belmont Hill club was created to honor the 13 former Belmont Hill students killed in action during a foreign conflict. "The 13" website pays tribute to their legacy. Follow this link to learn more.

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Have you served in the military? To be publicly recognized in the Belmont Hill School Military Register, please complete the entire form below. If you have any questions, please call the Alumni Office at 617-993-5203.
(Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy)
(infantry, pilot, etc.)
Allis John 1960 Army 1st Lieutenant Artillery Princeton University
Amon Thomas 1965 Army Reserve E-4 Medic Harvard College
Anderson James 1947 Marines Captain Supply Bates College
Avery Paul 1947 Navy Ensign Deck Officer Williams College
Avigdor, Jr. Rene 1954 Army PFC, Draftee Signal Corp Northeastern
Bacon Robert Sargent 1945 Army Air Corps Propeller Mechanic Williams College
Baker Richard 1965 Navy Lieutenant Harvard College
Bane Stephen 1976 Navy LCDR Flight Surgeon Boston College
Barnes Robin 1951 Air Force
Bass Ian 1996 Air Force Reserve Major/O-4 Instructor Pilot U.S. Naval Academy
Basso Joseph 1947 Navy Lieutenant Aviator University of Connecticut
Berenberg Jeffrey 1959 Army Colonel Hematology Oncology Harvard College
Blanco Ricardo 1974 USMC Lieutenant Colonel Artillery U.S. Naval Academy
Bowen Peter 1965 Army 1st Lieutenant Field Artillery University of Maine (ROTC)
Boyle Christopher 1989 Navy Lieutenant Surface Warfare Officer Boston College
Bright David 1983 Army E-4 Teletype Repair Suffolk University
Brooks Hooper 1963 Coast Guard Reserves Engineman 2nd Class Engineman Harvard University
Burbank Philip 1941 Army Private
Burch Peter 1955 Navy Lieutenant Commander Ophthalmology Princeton University
Burke David 1961 Navy Lieutenant Duke University
Byrnes Randall 1965 Navy Lieutenant Supply Corps Univ. of Pennsylvania
Byrnes William 1940 Army Air Corps Lieutenant Communications Univ. of Pennsylvania
Calkins Charles W. DMD 1946 Army Captain Acting Dentist to the Military Harvard College/Tufts Dental
Cameron Thomas W. L. 1944 Navy Top Rank Ensign CV-103 U.S. ROI, U.S. Aircraft Carrier Harvard College
Campbell Paul 1953 Air Force/SAC 1st Lieutenant Navigator U MASS
Cancian Mark 1969 Marines Colonel Infantry/artillery Harvard College
Carey Peter 1974 Air Force Colonel (0-6) JAG Corps Lehigh University
Carlton William 1930 Army Corporal
Casey David 1988 Army 04/Major Orthopaedic Surgery Hamilton College
Casey Chris 2000 Army Captain Field Artillery USMA, West Point
Chaikin Richard Dr. 1953 Army SFC Turkish Translator Tufts/GW/Temple/Penn/BU
Childs Henry 1954 USAF Capt. Navigator Harvard College
Clark Clifford Alan 1948 Navy Ensign-Lieutenant Destroyer-Navigator; Encryption Officer Bowdoin College
Clark Thomas 1961 Army Spec4 Clerical Boston University
Clement Theodore 1939 Navy Ensign Yale University
Cogswell Roger 1953 Army Lieutenant Artillery Yale
Connelly Chris 1986 USMC & USAF Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Rollins College
Connors Kevin 2010 Army 2nd Lieutenant Military Intelligence U.S. Military Academy
Coons K. Winslow 1949 Army Sergeant Communications Reconnaissance Harvard College
Copeland Bob 1951 Navy Lieutenant Unrestricted Line UDT - OD Underway - JAG Boston University
Coughlin Sean 1983 USMC Captain Logistics U.S. Naval Academy
Curtin Greg 1979 USNR LCDR Medical Officer Harvard College
Darling Nelson 1937 Navy Lieutenant Deck Officer Harvard College
Davis, M.D. Charles 1974 USN Captain Physician Williams College
Davis Peter 1977 Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Infantry/Magistrate Boston College
Delaney Kyle 1985 Army Captain Infantry USMA, West Point
Dickinson Frank 1949 Army 1st Lieutenant 1203 Tank Unit Commander UMASS
Dube Mark 2007 Army 2nd Lieutenant Aviator USMA, West Point
Duke J. Taylor 2002 Army CPT 18A (Special Forces Officer) USMA, West Point
Duncan Roger S 1989 Navy Chief Petty Officer Public Affairs/Visual Information Lawrence University
Dunphy John 1949 USMC Captain FAC-UDT, Intelligence Harvard College
Eaton Jeff 1955 Army Reserve Corporal Artillery Harvard College
Earl Emery 1958 Army Captain Geologist Boston University
Emerson William 1960 Marines Captain Helicopter Pilot Harvard College
Estabrook Hal 1955 USMC Corporal Infantry Colby College
Firenze Peter 1997 Navy LCDR Aviator/AEDO USNA
Fleck William 1952 Navy LTJG Naval Aviator Williams College
Fletcher Anthony L. 1953 Army (Infantry) PFC-SP4 Machine gunmen Princeton University
Flynn Wallace 1972 Air Force SSgt E-5 Medic, cardio-vascular tech Harvard College/Drew University
Forziati Carl 1966 Air Force Major C 130 Pilot Rutgers University
Foster Alfred Dwight 1948 Navy Lieutenant J.G. Pilot
Fulham John 2006 Army Sergeant Infantry Yale University
Gahn John 1953 Army Sgt E-5 Infantry Georgetown
Gallo John 1978 Navy CDR Submarines U.S. Naval Academy
Gill IV James Seel 1951 Marines 1st Lieutenant Artillery Yale University
Gilpatric Peter 1965 Army SP4 Infantry Ithaca College
Gilpatric William 1964 Air Force SGT E-4 Air Ops Specialist/Data Processing Oberlin College
Goldberg David 1955 New York Army National Guard National Guard 2nd Lieutenant Quartermaster Harvard College
Greer Bruce 1978 Navy LCDR Naval Aviator University of Pennsvania
Griffin Luke 1966 Navy E5 Journalist U of Notre Dame
Guarnaccia Steven 1976 Army LTC Medical Corp/Urologist Johns Hopkins University
Guild Peter 1972 Marines Sergeant Freeing Hostages Skidmore College
Harrington John 1998 Navy Lieutenant J.G. Surface Warfare Officer Harvard College
Herzlinger Alex 1996 Army CPT Infantry Harvard College
Hodgdon Robert 1947 Marines PFC Physical Rehabilitation Springfield College B.S./M.S.
Hogan William 1959 Navy Lieutenant Commander Surface navy Boston College
Howe Samuel 2004 Marines Captain Communications Duke University
Hurd Samuel 1961 Navy Lieutenant Columbia College
Hurlbut Neil 1952 Navy LTJG Amherst College
Hurlbut Robert 1929 Navy Lieutenant Medicine Harvard College
Johnson Chase 2000 Marines Captain Judge Advocate Duke University
Kaufmann Gus 1967 Army Colonel Ripon College
Keefe Kevin 2005 Coast Guard Lieutenant J.G. Deployable Specialized Forces US Coast Guard Academy
Kenney Charlie 2006 USMC 1st Lieutenant Ground Intelligence Brown University
Kermond Richard 1977 U.S. Coast Guard CDR/O-5 Surface Operations Trinity College
Keville Peter 1957 Army Lieutenant Launching platoon leader USAD Cornell University
Knowles John H 1943 Navy Lieutenant Medical Officer Harvard College
LaCroix William Paine 1937 Navy Lieutenant Radar Officer Harvard College
Liles Michael 1988 USNR Lieutenant Lehigh University
Lipkin Alton 1950 Army Corporal Clerk-Typist Brown University
MacAfee Dwight 1942 Air Force Sergeant Radio Gunner Yale University
Magruder Michael 1957 Army SP-4 Supply; Instruction Harvard College
Mallick Ronobir, Dr. 1994 Navy LCDR Physician Case Western Reserve University
Maloney Gerald 1950 USAF/MA Guard Major General Fighter Pilot/Admin. Stanford University
McCormack Adam 2004 Marines Lance Corporal, E-3 Electronic Intel Salve Regina University
McDaviit Edward 1950 Army Sergeant Army Ski Patrol Europe Alps Boston University
McDonald Daniel 2005 Navy LT/03 Explosive Ordnance Disposal US Naval Academy
Melcher Charles 1980 Navy Captain Nuclear Submariner US Naval Academy
Meyer III George 1934 Navy Lieutenant Harvard College
Meyer Peter 1944 Army Infantry Amherst College
Middleton, Jr. John 1944 Army Air Corps Cadet, Private Air Cadet, Airplane Tire Inspector Amherst College
Milley Mark 1976 Army General 25th Infantry Division Princeton/Columbia
Mills David 1961 Air Force 1st Lieutenant Administration Yale University
Mitchell William H.L. 1958 Navy (RESERVES) Lieutenant Communications Trinity College
Morrison David 1960 Air Force Airman 1st class Nuclear Weapons Specialist - Missile reentry vehicles Boston University
Murray John 1953 Air Force 2nd Lieutenant Airborne Infantry Northeastern University
Nemrow Richard 1947 Army Corporal Professional Personel Colby College
Norris Gilbert 1947 Marines Sergeant 2711 Iowa State
Norton Arthur E. 1960 Navy Commander (O-5) Surface Warfare Officer; later public information corps Harvard College
O'Connell Chris 1977 Army Major Infantry U.S. Military Academy
O'Leary Joseph 1966 Navy Commander Surface Warfare Lafayette College
O'Loughlin Edward 1983 Army Colonel Judge Advocate Tufts University
Oberdorfer Anthony 1957 Navy Commander Line Officer Harvard College
Ogilby, Sr. Henry 1968 Coast Guard Lieutenant Captain of the Port Colby College
Otte Alexander 1988 USMC Captain Infantry Tulane University
Palmer Lansing 1962 USNR LCDR (0-4) JAG/Trial Defense Counsel Yale University
Parella Richard 1999 Navy Lieutenant Pilot US Naval Academy
Parrot Scott 1941 USMC - WWII PFC Radio Operator/Para Troops Dartmouth College
Parson Stephen 1942 USMC Sergeant Fighter Squadron/1st ground control unit for U.S. Harvard College
Perkins David G. 1959 Army Captain Battalion Surgeon Harvard College
Perkins McEwan 1963 Army Sgt. E-5 Transportation Dartmouth College
Perlmutter Burt 1954 Army Major MD Harvard College/Harvard Med
Perry David 1952 USMC Reserves Lieutenant Colonel Aviation Dartmouth College
Purcell Dennis 1958 Army Specialist Signal Corps, photographer, instructor Harvard College
Quinn Fred 1964 Army 1st Lieutenant Engineers University Southern California
Quinn Leigh 1949 USAF 2nd Lieutenant Intelligence Yale University
Rambach J. Scott 1950 Army 1st Lieutenant Infantry-0605 Dartmouth College
Ratcliff David 1977 Air Force Lt.Col./O-5 Pilot/Aviation Colorado College
Reardon John 1975 USMC Lt.Col./O-5 Intelligence College of the Holy Cross
Repetto Paul 1954 Army 1st Lieutenant Quartermaster MIT
Richardson Frederick 1944 Army Private First Class Tank Driver Harvard College
Robinson Donald 1962 Navy Captain Medical Officer Franklin and Marshall College
Robinson Frederic 1959 Army 1st Lieutenant Artillery St. Lawrence University
Rogers Manley 1945 Army Colonel Engineer USMA, West Point
Ross William 1962 USNR CDR Line Officer Georgia Tech
Russell Robert 1959 Army Major Physician Harvard College
Russo Robert 1960 Army 1LT MSC University of Vermont
Sands Richard 1954 Army SP3 (Private 1st Class) 511.10 Menlo Sch. of Bus. Adm.
Sawyer, Jr. Henry B. 1923 Army Captain/Commander; Bronze Star & 4 Campaign Stars 101st Field Artillery Regiment Harvard College
Scott Thomas 1939 Navy Chief Boswains Mate Deliver landing craft Trinity College
Shane John 1950 Navy Commander Atomic, biological, chemical defense , and communications Princeton
Silver Michael 1935 Air Force Lieutenant Pilot Hobart College
Shortsleeve Brian 1991 USMC Captain 1995-1999 Harvard College
Sigourney Andrew 1951 Army 1st Lieutenant Combat Engineer Unit Commander; Combat Arms Communication Officer Middlebury College
Smith Anthony R. 1953 U.S. Air Force Captain Intelligence Williams College
Solar Barry 1959 Army Reserve University of Pennsvania
Spilios Chip 1964 USMC Reserves Private First Class Infantry/Radio Operator Boston University
Staehle Patrick 1941 Army Lieutenant Infantry Harvard College
Starr John 1964 USMC/Army National Guard Captain/Command Sergeant Major Infantry/artillery Columbia College
Stetson Thomas 1950 Army Sergeant Army Security Agency Brown University
Stewart Robert 1962 Army SP5E5 Peronnel Specialist Dartmouth College
Stiles Richard 1964 Navy LCDR Medical Corps Harvard College
Stratton James 1973 Navy Lieutenant Surface Warfare U of Rochester
Studley Robert 1951 Army Signal Corps Lieutenant Middlebury College
Sturgis Charles 1932 USMC Private
Taggart William 1954 U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Engineering Williams College
Talbot Dudley 1935 Navy Lieutenant
Talbot Frederic 1939 Navy Lieutenant J.G. Dive Bomber Pilot Harvard College
Talbot Thomas 1935 Navy Lieutenant
Thomas Henry 1953 U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Ship Navigator Bowdoin College
Thomas Orson 1938 Navy Ensign Harvard College
Tipping Ryan 1999 Army Specialist (E-4) Range Operations Babson College
Turran Robert 1960 Army Captain Adjutant General Middlebury College
Uchill Charlie 1985 Army Captain Rangers U.S. Military Academy
Unger, Jr. Norbert S. 1967 Navy Commander Surface Warfare Officer designation with skills in Anti-Submarine Warfare and Naval Surface Gunfire Support Tufts University
Vallarelli Steven 2000 Air Force Captain JAG Berklee College of Music
Walsh Fred 1951 Army Specialist-5th Army Security Agency Korean Interpreter Davidson College
Walsh Robert 1963 Air Force Captain Transportation/Mobility University of New Hampshire
Wanders Hans 1943 Navy Lieutenant (Sr. Grade) Engineering Yale & Ga. Inst. Tech
Warren Tom 1960 Army Intelligence Harvard College
Wass, Jr. Russell 1947 Army University of Maine
Watters Edward 1958 USMC Reserves Captain Infantry-Company Commander Harvard College
Welch John 1960 Army Major Medical Harvard College
Welch Wade 1961 Army 1LT AGC Harvard College
Welch Walter 1956 Army Major Logistics/Airborne University of New Hampshire
Willett Wink 1962 Navy Lieutenant Boat Group Commander Williams College
Willwerth Lawrence 1962 Army Colonel Combat Engineer Norwich University
Winship, Jr. Edward (Ted) N. 1949 Army CPL Army Security Agency Amherst College
Wiseman Chris 1987 Navy CDR Naval Flight Officer Princeton
Worthen Thomas 1953 Navy LTJG Arctic submarine officer on a destroyer Harvard College
Wright Andrew 1996 Coast Guard O4/LCDR Ops Afloat U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Yetman Robert 1980 Army SP-4 Artillery Stetson University
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