Multicultural Alumni Partnership

Mission Statement

Belmont Hill’s Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) strengthens relations among all Belmont Hill alumni to enhance the diversity, openness, and climate of the greater school community. MAP realizes these objectives through targeted programs, networking events, and community outreach, all in collaboration with past and present students, parents, faculty, staff, and trustees.

Annual Multicultural Alumni Partnership Dinner

MAP Co-Directors

Mehdi K. Alhassani ’02
Philmore Anderson IV ’82
David A. Antonelli, Jr. '06 
David A. Bright ’83 
Franklin O. Bright '00
Stephen W. Carr, Jr. ’93 
Caleb F. Collins ’93 
Albert A. Coombs III '03
Carl D. Dawson ’72 
Atakelti H. Desta ’05 
Groom Dinkneh ’09
Warren Q. Fields ’81
William A. Forde ’05 
Nnaemeka C. Ekwelum ’08 
John T. Grady, Jr. ’66 
Dylan Hayre ’04
Jason H. Hurd ’90 
Steven M. Kaplan ’83
George W. Lynch II '88
Emmett E. Lyne ’77 
Gregory C. Paul ’09 
Aman Shah '10
David W. Walker ’82

MAP Speakers Through the Years

2019 - Speaker Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan - MAP Award to David W. Walker '82

2018 - Speaker Samuel M. Gebru - MAP Award to Gretchen R. Cook-Anderson

2017 -
Speaker Randall L. Kennedy - MAP Award to Richard I. Melvoin

2016 - Speaker James E. Reynolds '74 - MAP Award to Harold C. Duvall III '83

2015 - Speaker Robert L. Greene, Jr.  - MAP Award to Marsha G. Feinberg​

2014 - Speaker David B. Wilkins - MAP Award to Carl D. Dawson '72

2013 - Speaker Danielle A. Heard - MAP Award to Kai Bynum

2012 - Speaker Jonathan A. Kraft '82 - MAP Award to S.A.F.E. - Students Actively Fostering Equality

2011 - Speakers The Alexander Family: David M. Alexander '12, Paul Alexander, Evelyne Martial-Alexander and Philmore Anderson IV '82 - MAP Award to Donna S. David

2010 - Speakers Arlene K. Spence and David W. Walker '82 - MAP Award to Nnaemeka C. Ekwelum '08

2009 - Speaker Linda A. Whitlock 

2008 - Speakers David A. Bright '83, William J. Cleary III '81, Caleb F. Collins '93, Carl D. Dawson '72, Warren Q. Fields '81, Jason H. Hurd '90

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