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Summit Scholars


Pilot Program Enrollment:

The Summit Scholars program enrolls 10-15 boys from the local area. 


The Summit Scholars program is taught by current and experienced Belmont Hill faculty members, including lead teachers for Math and English / Humanities, as well as assistant teachers for both classes. The teacher-to-student ratio is approximately 6:1.

Belmont Hill Student Mentors:

In addition to Belmont Hill faculty and assistant teachers, each Summit Scholar is paired with a current Belmont Hill student serving as their mentor and guide through the program. These student mentors are selected through an internal application process and serve as a “big brother” throughout the yearlong program.

Athletics, Co-curricular Opportunities, and Special Events:

The Summit Scholars Program offers a wide array of enrichment opportunities and social activities designed to build camaraderie and community.

Highlights include: 

  • Workshops such as introductory robotics, studio arts, performing arts, and field trips to local performances, museums, and films.

  • Athletic programs including on-campus clinics with Belmont Hill coaches and student-athletes, recreational sporting activities such as open gym, ice skating, fun-runs, invitations to Belmont Hill games and contests as well as the opportunity to travel off campus and attend local professional sporting events.

  • Additional special events may involve guest speakers, hiking, recreational games and activities on campus as well as shared meals (on campus family BBQs, pizza nights, etc.).

Gear and Merchandise:

Each Summit Scholar receives Summit Scholar gear, free of charge, such as t-shirts, hats, bags, bumper stickers, etc.

Attendance, Participation, Engagement: 

Full attendance and engagement is required throughout the yearlong program. For admitted families there is a required enrollment contract stating the full commitment to the Summit Scholars program. 


All applying families must complete the following:

  1. Application Form - Please click this link to complete the Summit Scholars application form
  2. School Report/Teacher Evaluation Form - Please email this link to the student's primary teacher or a school administrator for completion
  3. Parent/Guardian Statement Form - Please click this link to complete the Summit Scholars Parent/Guardian Statement
  4. Income Verification - please email the following documents to
    • Copies of all parents’ and/or legal guardian’s completed 2019 taxes (1040 forms)
    • Copies of all parents’ and/or legal guardian’s completed 2020 taxes (1040 forms) - if available
    • SSI, SNAP, Welfare Benefits, Unemployment Benefits, etc., if applicable
  5. Academic Records - Please provide your current school with this completed Records Request Form

We understand that circumstances are varied due to Covid-19. Should you have concerns about meeting certain requirements please contact the office of Admission at 617-993-5220. 


The mission of the Belmont Hill’s Summit Scholars Program is to provide a robust, engaging, and supportive academic enrichment program for boys seeking to expand their future educational opportunities. Grounded in the experience and expertise of Belmont Hill, the program will feature our current faculty and students and will connect to both the academic curriculum and the larger character-driven mission of Belmont Hill.


The goal of the program is to provide a dynamic, remote learning, academic enrichment program including:

  • Additional skills-based instruction and academic enrichment in math and English, focused on building strong foundations across both disciplines
  • Help filling in the academic gaps from the challenges of learning through a global pandemic
  • Fun, engaging, and supportive learning environment that helps prepare students for broader academic experiences through middle school and beyond
  • Training and guidance for boys interested in applying to independent schools in the future
  • A network of support through faculty resources and student mentorship for young students in nearby communities
  • Additional enrichment opportunities for boys and families through on-campus workshops, athletic clinics, field trips, and special events both on the Belmont Hill campus and throughout the greater Boston area 


Qualifying students must be boys enrolling in 5th or 6th grade in the fall of 2021. Preference will go to students from surrounding towns within thirty minutes of Boston as well as to students from under-represented backgrounds with demonstrated financial need--meaning students from low-income families and/or students who qualify for subsidized lunch programs at their current schools.


The program is free to admitted students. All expenses related to technology, books, and special events is covered by Belmont Hill.


The Belmont Hill Summit Scholars program is designed in three parts. 

Summer One: August 19, 2021
Single-Day Orientation and Course Registration

School Year: September 2021 through May 2022
Weekly Zoom sessions complemented by monthly workshops and special events on the Belmont Hill campus.

Summer Two: August 15-19, 2022

Weeklong workshop helping students prepare for the application process to private, parochial, or other schools. Program will feature standardized test preparation, application and essay-writing support, and interview preparation.


The program features a hybrid learning model:

Weekly Zoom sessions on Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 to  5:15 pm

Monthly small group in-person workshops and special events hosted at Belmont Hill on Saturday mornings and/or Sunday afternoons.


Weekly academic sessions are remote. Students attend from home or from a quiet location where they have the opportunity to speak freely via Zoom. 

Monthly weekend events take place on the Belmont Hill Campus at 350 Prospect Street, Belmont. In addition, there will be special events, field trips, and other enrichment opportunities in the greater Boston area.


A device such as a laptop, iPad, Chromebook or similar will be provided. Qualifying families will also receive assistance with internet service.