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Belmont Hill is a school for boys. Boys here are nurtured and guided on the path to discover their best and unique selves by building character, learning together, forging relationships, finding their balance, and belonging.


Developing boys into men of good character is at the heart of the mission--who we are and what we do.

character education at Belmont Hill 

how we give back


As a school for boys, we focus on motivating boys as scholars and helping them study, think, and achieve in the classroom and beyond. The academic environment at Belmont Hill is challenging, active, and collaborative--students and teachers are on this academic journey together.

the benefits of a school for boys


Working together in classrooms, on teams, in ensembles, plays, and clubs, our boys form meaningful connections with each other and the adults who guide them.

 our teacher-coach model


Belmont Hill boys study music and math, play on stage and on the fields, and create in the makerspace and the woodshop. We seek balance for our boys in their academic growth, their physical development, and their emotional well-being.


the arts


wellness at Belmont Hill


Whatever your strengths, there is a place for you here. Wherever you come from, you will be known here. Belmont Hill is a strong and supportive community where connections last a lifetime.

Community and Diversity

community conversations

family involvement at Belmont Hill 

lifelong connections


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