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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find a series of questions commonly asked when families consider Belmont Hill. If you have a
question that's not addressed here, please give us a call at (617-993-5220). Our Admission staff would be pleased to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What are the advantages of an all-boys' school?

    A. As a school for boys, we focus on what makes boys tick, both individually and together. We believe that boys' schools can support boys particularly well. Here boys study, think, and achieve in the classroom without embarrassment or apology. They captain teams and star in plays, score goals and write musical scores, win debates and win games.

    We work hard to ensure that students leave Belmont Hill as ethical young men of integrity who will become responsible citizens — who will have a passion for learning and a willingness to work hard, take risks, and make a difference.

    Many educators believe that single-sex education offers students significant benefits. We endorse that which is positive about boys' schools, while striving to make certain that our students are sensitive to and well prepared for the world in which they live.

    Here are links to some resources that affirm the value of single-sex education:

    International Boys' School Coalition

    About.Com: Private Schools

    Boston Globe: The Wonders of a Single-Sex Education

    National Association for Single Sex Public Education

    While Belmont Hill is an all boys' school and has been since 1923, we interact with girls' schools in many different ways. Our students benefit from long-term relationships with two girls' schools in particular: The Winsor School in Boston and Dana Hall School in Wellesley.
  • Q. Are school-related expenses other than tuition covered by financial aid?

    A. Yes! Depending on the amount of financial aid you receive, your son may be eligible for aid for books, transportation, technology needs (computer, graphing calculator), school trips (both global and domestic), and many other things. When in doubt, ask the Director of Financial Aid.
  • Q. Does Belmont Hill offer AP courses?

    A. Students throughout the Upper School take Advanced Placement tests in 14 different subjects.  In May of 2019, 66 students in Grade 12 completed 219 AP tests, earning 202 scores of 3 or better (92%).
  • Q. Is there financial aid available?

    A. Belmont Hill has a long history of socio-economic diversity, and is committed to bringing the best boys in the metro Boston area to its campus regardless of a family's ability to pay. Currently, Belmont Hill provides almost $5.6 million in aid and 27% of the boys enrolled receive some financial assistance. Families may request financial aid information and must submit applications by January 15. For more information on Belmont Hill's commitment to financial aid visit the financial aid homepage.
  • Q. Where do students go after graduating from Belmont Hill?

    Colleges Accepting Members of the Class of 2020

    Allegheny CollegeMerrimack College
    American UniversityMiami University, Ohio
    Amherst CollegeUniversity of Miami
    Arizona State UniversityMichigan State University
    Babson CollegeUniversity of Michigan
    Bates CollegeMiddlebury College
    Belmont UniversityNew York University
    Bentley UniversityNortheastern University
    Boston CollegeNorthwestern University
    Boston UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame
    Bowdoin CollegeOccidental College
    Brandeis UniversityPennsylvania State University
    Brigham Young UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania
    Brown UniversityPrinceton University
    Bryant UniversityProvidence College
    Bucknell UniversityRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    College of CharlestonUniversity of Rhode Island
    University of ChicagoRice University
    University of CincinnatiUniversity of Richmond
    Claremont McKenna CollegeRochester Institute of Technology
    Clark UniversityUniversity of Rochester
    Colby CollegeSacred Heart University
    Colgate UniversitySaint Anselm College
    University of Colorado at BoulderUniversity of San Diego
    Colorado CollegeSanta Clara University
    Columbia UniversitySavannah College of Art & Design
    University of ConnecticutSkidmore College
    Cornell UniversityUniversity of South Carolina
    Dartmouth CollegeUniversity of Southern California
    Davidson CollegeSouthern Methodist University
    DickinsonSyracuse University
    Elon UniversityThe Ohio State University
    Emory UniversityUniversity of Toronto
    Fairfield UniversityTrinity College
    Fordham UniversityTufts University
    Franklin and Marshall CollegeTulane University
    George Washington UniversityUnion College
    Georgetown UniversityU.S. Air Force Academy
    University of GeorgiaUniversity College London
    Gettysburg CollegeUtah State University
    Hamilton CollegeUniversity of Utah
    Harvard CollegeVanderbilt University
    College of the Holy CrossUniversity of Vermont
    Indiana UniversityVillanova University
    Johns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of Virginia
    Kenyon CollegeWake Forest University
    King’s College LondonWashington and Lee University
    Louisiana State UniversityWashington University in St. Louis
    University of LouisvilleWesleyan University
    Macalester CollegeCollege of William and Mary
    Marquette UniversityWilliams College
    University of MarylandUniversity of Wisconsin
    University of Massachusetts, AmherstYale University 
    University of Massachusetts, Boston
    University of Massachusetts, Lowell

  • Q. Does Belmont Hill have a bus service?

    A. Belmont Hill currently runs six different bus routes through the city of Boston and the surrounding metropolitan area. Click here to see the routes and more information. 
  • Q. What languages can I take at Belmont Hill School?

    A. For a small school we are fortunate to offer a fairly wide range of languages. All seventh and eighth grade students are required to take Latin, and then have the option to take any of our modern language offerings: Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. New ninth grade students have the option of taking any of the four language offerings mentioned previously. Students who complete Latin 4 and take the Latin AP exam have the option of taking Ancient Greek.
  • Q. How many spaces are available in each grade?

    A. Our two largest matriculation years are the 7th and 9th grade (Form I and Form III). In the seventh grade we generally seek a class of roughly 52 boys while in the ninth grade we have about 20-25 spaces. We also have 12-15 openings in our 8th grade (Form II) and 3-5 openings in grades 10 and 11 (Forms IV and V).
  • Q. Are there opportunities for Belmont Hill students to interact with girls at nearby schools?

    While Belmont Hill is an all-boys' school, we interact with girls' schools in many different ways.  Boys benefit from our long term relationships with three girls' schools in particular: The Winsor School in Boston, Dana Hall School in Wellesley, and Newton Country Day School in Newton.  
    The Winsor School Connection
    Since 1973, Belmont Hill and Winsor, an all-girls' school in Boston, have collaborated on a number of projects, most notably in drama. The two schools work together on a newspaper (called The Panel), producing two joint issues per year, and also share a boathouse. The schools plan dances together, including Junior and Senior Proms, and social events, such as skating, open gym, dances, and carnivals, for younger students.  
    The Dana Hall School Connection
    Belmont Hill and Dana Hall enjoy a variety of joint activities, including dances that bring together girls from Dana Hall and boys from Belmont Hill. Additionally, the two schools have joined forces in the past to collaborate on community service projects.  Last year, ninth and tenth graders from both schools held a "Birthday in a Box" event.  
    The Newton Country Day School School Connection
    The seventh graders at Belmont Hill and Newton Country Day School spend a day together at the annual "We LEAD" event, which is facilitated by Peer Leaders and tackles relevant social and health issues.  The two schools alternate who hosts the conference.  Belmont Hill and Newton Country Day also join forces for the New Freedoms event, which unites seniors from the schools to discuss developing healthy habits and relationships.  
  • Q. Why is the ninth grade a part of the Middle School?

    A. One of the things that makes Belmont Hill distinctive is that our 9th grade is a part of our Middle School. Whereas in many environments "freshmen" are relegated to the periphery, our 9th graders are expected to be leaders. For new students, this means that they will enter our school able to take an active role in many extra curricular activities while still receiving the nurturing academic support that our younger boys receive. Ninth grade students attend one proctored study hall a day and learn valuable study and organizational skills as they learn the valuable lessons of time management that is necessary for success in the Upper School.
  • Q. What is the most important part of the application?

    A. While no one piece of the application process is more important than another, boys must demonstrate that they can excel in a rigorous academic program. Thus, a boy's transcript, recommendations and test scores are carefully reviewed by the admission committee. Though a strong academic record is important, we seek to enroll boys with widespread interests and talents. As a school we ask boys to take part in a whole host of academic, athletic, and extra-curricular activities, and boys who have the energy and interest to challenge themselves in different ways can have an outstanding impact on our campus. Finally, Belmont Hill faculty and students pride themselves on being a "character school," and the admission office is always aware of boys who demonstrate both leadership and outstanding character development.
  • Q. What standardized tests do I need to take?

    A. All seventh and eighth grade (Forms I and II) applicants are required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). All ninth and tenth grade applicants (Forms III and IV) are expected to take the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).

  • Q. Why do you have a dress code?

    A. A dress code is one of the most valued traditions at Belmont Hill, but it is not without purpose. We feel that a dress code has a democratizing effect on our student body. Here, one cannot define or separate himself from the community by the manner in which he dresses. We are all one community, sharing similar goals, purposes, and even attire. However, this does not keep students from expressing themselves, as a quick visit to our campus will show boys wearing a vide variety of jacket styles and colors, wild ties, and interestingly matched shirts. Although the majority of our students wear khaki pants and blue blazers, boys are free to wear any colored or patterned slacks and jackets of their choosing.
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Belmont Hill School educates boys in mind, body, and spirit to develop men of good character. Our community encourages and challenges students to discover and pursue passions, seek excellence, and face adversity with resilience. We cultivate critical thinking and creativity, teamwork and competition, hard work and reflection, tradition and innovation. Valuing our differences and working together, we embrace camaraderie, compassion, and service to others. Our school strives to instill in each boy ethical judgment, a sense of common humanity, and a lifelong love of learning.