Online Learning

Course Selection Timing

4/22 - Course Selection Day 1 - Advisor Homeroom
  • Advisors hold synchronous Zoom meeting
  • Walk through shared slides and show loom videos with the students and answer all relevant questions

4/29 - Course Selection Day 2 - Advisor Homeroom
  • Advisors login to Veracross + approve student signups via individual meetings with students


Rising Form II

Form I Course Selection

Five classes each semester

Form II Course Load
  • English - Full Year
  • Classics - Full Year
  • Math - Full Year
  • Modern Language - Full Year
  • IPS - 1 Semester
  • Government - 1 Semester
Course Registration Instructions:

  1. You are only selecting three courses!
  1. Login to Veracross & select one option in the three categories below. Speak to your Classics and Math teachers to make sure you choose the correct placement. 
    1. Modern Language
    2. Classics 
    3. Math

Rising Form IV

Form III Course Selection

Required Form IV Courses
  • English 4 - you will be automatically registered
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Foreign Language 
  • Europe in the World or AP European History  
The Arts Requirement
  • Hands on Art Course
  • Advanced Arts or Art Appreciation

The Language Requirement
  • Must get through level 3

Loom Course Information

Rising Form VI

Form V Course Selection

Arts Program
New English Courses
New Advanced Level History Course
Update: The Humanities Designation + The English/History Requirement 

  • 4.5 Credits = 5 courses S1 + 4 in S2

  • Fulfilled Arts Requirement
    • 1 Hands on + one appreciation or Advanced arts course
  • 2 years lab Science

  • Level III Language 

  • Full Year of English with Inquiry in Spring

  • Fall History Elective 

  • Carving and Completion of a Panel
Seniors have a remarkable amount of flexibility to tailor courses to their interests. At the same time, seniors must be sure to fulfill all graduation requirements and pursue a course of study that is aligned with their college goals.

SEMESTER 1:  Five Courses

1. English or Humanities 
2. History or Humanities

3. Full Year Science
4. Full Year Math
5. Level 5 Lang, Electives:
Art, Science, Eng, Hist

SEMESTER 2: Four Courses

1. Inquiry 

2. Full Year Science
3. Full Year Math
4. Electives: Art, English, Science

*The Senior Project (only in full year courses) requires approval by Mr. Smith, Mrs. Bobo, and Mr. Richards.

Science Elective Looms
Register on Veracross (link)
  1. History or Humanities Elective: Select 3 in order of your preference - designate appropriate semester
  2. English or Humanities Elective: Select 3 in order of your preference - designate appropriate semester
  3. Inquiry: Select 3 in order of your preference - designate appropriate semester
  4. If you decide to take any art electives, please be sure to select three in order of your preference
  5. Be sure to follow the guidance on the previous slide and make sure that you’ve registered for 5 courses in the first semester and 4 courses in the second.

Rising Form III

Form II Course Selection

Form III Required Course Load
  • English 3 - Full Year
  • Math - Full Year
  • Classics or Modern Language - Full Year
  • Environmental Science - 1 Semester
  • Middle East and China - 1 Semester

Form III Elective Courses
  • Engineering - 1 Semester
  • Conceptual Physics - 1 Semester
  • Compsci - 1 Semester
  • Facing History - 1 Semester
  • Arts Elective Program - 1 Semester See curriculum guide or elective grid 
The Arts Requirement
  1. Hands on Art Course
  2. Advanced Arts or Art Appreciation
Relevant Loom Presentations

Log into Veracross - Register for 
  1. 1 Language - Make sure that levels align - ie. Advanced to Advanced

  2. Math Course - Make sure that levels align (Students in the Form II who are taking Math courses beyond Algebra 2 and Trigonometry need to have Math course selection processed through Mr. Smith)

  3. Environmental Science and Middle East and China - Select Fall or Spring Semester

  4. Elective in Science or History - Select Fall or Spring Semester + Submit Top 3 Choices

  5. Elective in Art - Select Fall or Spring Semester and Submit Top 3 Choices 
  • You will automatically be registered for English 3

  • In the end you will have selected 10 total courses on Veracross! 

Rising Form V

Form IV Course Selection

Form V/Junior Requirements
5 Courses Each Semester
  • Full Year of English
    • American Literature Plus Spring Elective

  • Full Year of US History 
  • Full Year of Math
Recommended Course of Study
  • Chemistry 
  • Continued Language Study (If you opt to discontinue your language study, you will need to fill your schedule with a full year Science or Math course or a blend of electives from Science, English, and the Arts.)
Other Available Science Courses

SYA and Course Selection
  • 1 Semester v. Full Year

B-Flats and Jazz Band Update


Register on Veracross (link)
  1. History Course: Select either Regular US or US History
  2. English Elective: Select 3 in order of your preference - designate second semester
  3. Math Course: Confer with teacher to ensure appropriate level
  4. Select Chemistry, AP Chemistry, or alternative Science course
  5. Select appropriate Language or approved alternative pathway
  6. You have been automatically registered for American Literature 

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