Global Experiences

Group Trips

Belmont Hill is excited to offer to our students SIX (6) different domestic and international trip destinations for the 2018-19 school year! Listed below is basic information for each trip, and a link to a more detailed description prepared by the trip leader. If you have questions, please contact the trip leader.
  • All trip deadlines for deposits: Monday, November 12, with the exception of Classics Rome which is Monday, October 29, and the Kenney Legacy Trip, which is Tuesday, October 30
  • Please note that the trip cost listed is inclusive of ALL costs, with the exception of personal gifts, souvenirs, extra snacks, etc.

March 2019 Trip Details

Beijing, Xi’an, and Chengdu, China

  • Chinese language and culture
  • Forms I–IV, preferably Chinese students but open to others
  • Limited to 21 participants; lottery selection if demand exceeds 21
  • Tentatively March 9 – March 20
  • Cost: $3800 – $4000*
  • Deposit Amount: $200 ($100 if on financial aid)
  • Application and Deposit Due Date: Monday, November 12
  • Trip Description
  • VISA Application & Visa guidelines
  • Contact Penghua Shen shen@belmonthill.org

Cartagena de las Indias, Colombia
  • Language immersion, culture, service, eco-tourism, sustainability
  • Forms II – VI
  • Limited to 16 participants; lottery selection if demand exceeds 16
  • Tentatively March 9 – 17
  • Cost: $3400–$3600*
  • Deposit Amount: $200 ($100 if on financial aid)
  • Application and Deposit Due Date: Monday, November 12
  • Trip Description
  • Contact: Jorge Montoya montoyaj@belmonthill.org
Rome, Italy
  • Classical Rome
  • BHS Latin students from Forms III-VI (preference for Forms IV – VI)
  • Limited to 16 participants; lottery selection if demand exceeds 16
  • Tentatively March 9 – 15 (CONFIRMED)
  • Cost: $4000 – $4200*
  • Deposit Amount: $200 ($100 if on financial aid)
  • Application and Deposit Due Date: Monday, October 29
  • Trip Description
  • Contact: Todd Davis tdavis@belmonthill.org
Community Service Trip: Tampa, Florida
  • 2019 Community Service Trip
  • Forms I-VI
  • Tentatively March 9–16
  • Cost: $1350*
  • Deposit Amount: $200 ($25 if on financial aid)
  • Application and Deposit Due Date: Monday, November 12
  • Trip Description
  • Contact: Donna David davidd@belmonthill.org

June 2019 Trip Details

Australia and New Zealand
  • Sydney,Christchurch, Rotorua, Auckland and contacts with several local boys’ schools
  • Forms III – VI
  • Limited to 16 participants; lottery selection if demand exceeds 16
  • Tentatively June 6 – June 18, TBD
  • Deposit Amount: $200 ($100 if on financial aid)
  • Cost: $4000 – $4200
  • Deposit Amount: $200 ($25 if on financial aid)
  • Application and Deposit Due Date: Monday, November 12
  • Trip Description
  • Contact: David Hegarty hegarty@belmonthill.org
Kenney Legacy European Trip
  • London, Paris, Normandy, and other WWII sites, museums, monuments
  • Forms IV–V
  • Limited to 4 participants; application essay and recommendations required
  • Tentatively June 10-20, TBD
  • Cost: fully funded by the School; no cost to boys traveling
  • Deposit Amount: $0
  • Essays and recommendations deadline: Tuesday, October 30
  • Boys choosing to apply for this trip are also encouraged to send in Application and Deposit for another Global Trip in the event they are not selected for this trip.
  • Trip Description
  • Contact: Adam Harder hardera@belmonthill.org

* subject to change depending on actual number of participants and finalization of air and ground trip costs.

Reservation, Finances, and Insurance

Reservation & Payment: In order to sign up for a trip, follow this link to the Trip Reservation webpage.

Payment & Cancellation:  Families may cancel at any point until the deposit deadlines (November 13).  Deposits will be refunded.  After that date, deposits are non-refundable. Submission of a signed Permission form and deposit represents a family's agreement to pay the full cost of the trip.  After the deposit deadline, the final cost of the trip will be billed to the student's account, less deposit paid. 

In the event of cancellation after the deposit date, a family is responsible for any trip costs the School has incurred on their son's behalf, up to the full cost of the trip.  If the cancellation occurs between 91 and 62 days before trip departure, families will be charged no less than 50% of the trip cost.  If cancellation occurs within 61 days of departure, families will be charged 100% of the trip cost.  Students who withdraw from a trip after the deposit deadline may also forfeit the opportunity to travel on future School trips.

Medical Costs and Health Insurance: The cost of all international trips includes emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, beginning on the first day of the trip and ending on the last day of the trip. Travelers' families are personally liable for the cost of any other medical care or health related expenses a traveler incurs during the course of a trip. Families should consult their medical and dental insurance providers about whether their policies cover travel to the location and under the circumstances of any particular trip. Families may also want to explore purchasing supplemental travel medical insurance; many vendors offer these policies.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance: In the case of an unexpected event, such as a family crisis, families sometimes choose to cancel the traveler's  participation in a trip before departure or choose to have the traveler return home during a trip. There are many types of trip cancellation insurance available and many companies that offer coverage. It is recommended that families consider purchasing trip cancellation or interruption insurance to aid them in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Immunizations and Medications: Certain immunizations and preventitive medications may be recommended, particularly for travel to a foreign country. For guidance, please consult the Centers for Disease Control (http://www.cdc.gov/travel) as well as your family doctor and/or a travel clinic. Additional information on health and safety is available from the State Department (http://www.travel.state.gov) and the State Department Consular Information Sheets (https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country.html).

Approval of Participation:  A student's participation on any trip is subject to the approval of the Directors of the Middle and Upper Schools respectively.

Financial Assistance: Thanks to the generosity of donors and the support of the School, we are able to offer financial assistance to students who currently qualify for tuition assistance.
Boys on financial assistance at Belmont Hill have the opportunity to receive financial aid each year for the Community Service Trip. 
In addition, a boy may receive financial aid for one additional School trip during Middle School (Forms I, II, III) and one additional School trip during Upper School (Form IV, V, VI) regardless of year of entry to the School.
No separate aid application is necessary.  The School will automatically grant trip aid at the same percentage of tuition assistance a family currently receives.  For example, a family that currently qualifies for 70% tuition assistance will receive 70% assistance for a trip if funds are sufficient.
If funds are insufficient and trip aid falls below the percentage of tuition assistance received, the Director of Financial Aid will contact affected families who have submitted deposits as quickly as possible, and communicate the amount of aid that is available. Families on financial aid will then have one week to opt out of that trip and request a return of their deposit. After that point, deposits are nonrefundable and families are responsible for the balance of the trip cost, which will be billed directly.
To secure a place on a trip, a student receiving financial aid must submit a deposit along with a signed permission form. Amounts for those deposits vary by trip and are listed above. The deposit represents a minimum payment, regardless of the amount of aid a family receives.
The School reserves the right to alter trip assistance policies as circumstances require at any time, but will strive to adhere to the guidelines indicated above.

Please consult Director of Financial Aid, Aylin Flanagan, with any questions: flanagan@belmonthill.org.
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