Global Experiences

Group Trips

Each year, Belmont Hill faculty plan and lead students on a variety of domestic and international trips that reflect our teachers’ and students’ wide-ranging interests.
In addition to annual language and culture trips (Chinese, French and Spanish-speaking countries) and the Kenney Legacy Trip, we offer trips that engage students in community service, ancient and contemporary history, and culture, marine biology, music, and sport.
Within the last few years, Belmont Hill offered trips to the following destinations:

▪️Montgomery, AL ▪️Deland, FL (crew)
▪️Australia & New Zealand ▪️France
▪️Colombia ▪️Germany
▪️China ▪️Italy
▪️Costa Rica (soccer) ▪️Kenney Legacy Trip (London, Belgium, Normandy)
▪️Tampa, FL

  • Early October: Trips posted to this webpage

  • Early November: Dealdine for March Trip Sign-ups

  • Early February: Deadline for June Trip Sign-ups

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  • Online Trip Sign-up Form

    In order to sign up for a trip, FOLLOW THIS LINK to the trip reservation form.
  • Payment and Cancellation

    Families may cancel at any point until the deposit deadlines (November 13). Deposits will be refunded.  After that date, deposits are non-refundable. Submission of a signed Permission form and deposit represents a family's agreement to pay the full cost of the trip.  After the deposit deadline, the final cost of the trip will be billed to the student's account, less deposit paid.
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  • Financial Aid for Group Trips

    Thanks to the generosity of donors and the support of the School, we are able to offer financial assistance to students who currently qualify for tuition assistance.
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  • Insurance and Medical Issues

    The cost of all international trips includes emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, beginning on the first day of the trip and ending on the last day of the trip.
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  • Travel Insurance

    In the case of an unexpected event, such as a family crisis, families sometimes choose to cancel the traveler's  participation in a trip before departure or choose to have the traveler return home during a trip. 
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  • Approval of Student Participation

    A student's participation on any trip is subject to the approval of the Directors of the Middle and Upper Schools respectively.
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