Biomedical Engineering and Design Program

The Belmont Hill Science Department and Johns Hopkins University have agreed to conduct a pilot program that allows five students to enroll in a Hopkins course over the fall semester: Biomedical Engineering and Design. The Biomedical Engineering program at Johns Hopkins is ranked as the #1 program in the country. Students who successfully complete the course are awarded two college credits from Johns Hopkins; funding will be available through Belmont Hill. 
Working in teams with upperclassmen, this course:
  • introduces engineering principles to solve design problems that are biological, physiological, and/or medical,
  • provides students the opportunity to solve a pressing health-care inequity challenge, and
  • discusses ethical considerations in design and society.

Course Expectations & Grading:

Final grades in the course will depend upon both team and individual assignments:

Team Projects and Reports (70%)

Health Inequity Project:
  • Identify five potential projects
  • Develop Needs Statement
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Final Presentation
Human Efficiency Model
Model of the Cardiovascular System and statistical analysis of heart rate data
Negative feedback control system Arduino Design Project for team (demonstration on Zoom)

Individual Assignments (30%, equally weighted)

myLearning Online Assignments
  • Laboratory Safety Introductory Course (required by WSE)
  • Basic Human Subjects Research
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Animal Care and Use
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
Arduino Project sensor demonstration
Peer-wise multiple choice question posted on four topics during the semester
Reflections on focus areas, reflection on case studies in ethics
Peer reviews (self-reflection and peer feedback) throughout the semester
Survey completion
For more information about the Biomedical Engineering program, contact Belmont Hill Science Department Chair
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