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Upper School Curriculum

The Program
To ensure breadth, all students in the Upper School must complete a rigorous core of academic requirements, but they are gradually given greater freedom in crafting their individual plans of study. Most Upper School students elect to take one or more formal Advanced Placement classes in mathematics, American and European history, science, and foreign language. They may also choose to take AP exams in English and the arts, for which their regular classes have prepared them.

Expanding the Classroom
Academic choices extend well beyond courses in the classroom. Some students opt to pursue independent study in subject areas where they have a passionate interest. Others opt to spend a semester or a year off campus in one of the School's special programs. And about half of the students complete an optional eight-week Senior Project, pursuing personal goals in a broad variety of interests and settings.

Curriculum Guide

For greater academic detail, please check out our curriculum guide below to find full course descriptions.

Curriculum Guide SY 21-22

Upper School Curriculum