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Technology and innovation play an integral role in the work that our students do both on campus and at home. Each day, students rely on a range of applications in their classes to access course content and to master important skills.

Belmont Hill teachers develop innovative course work that regularly requires students to use technology as a tool with which to research, create, analyze, and communicate. As part of our curriculum, students grow to understand their responsibilities as digital citizens, gain confidence in using technology, and learn how both in-person and electronic communication are essential to being part of our community and the larger world.



School Perspective on Use of Technology

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Belmont Hill’s BYOD program requires students to bring a device to campus each day. The program requires families to purchase the device that both fulfills the program’s requirements, detailed in the BYOD document on this page, and that they think is most appropriate for their son. Each family is responsible for the maintenance of their son’s device. 

Guidelines and device Recommendations

Learn more about the Acceptable Use Policy

Financial Aid

All families who receive Financial Aid will receive sufficient financial support to purchase a quality device. Learn more about the Financial Assistance Program.

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Technology FAQs