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  • An innovative space for students to create, design, pursue engineering activities, and display and present their work.
  • Access to a range of exciting tools for making such as a laser engraver, knife cutter, and 3D printers and a lower level with a full-sized CNC mill
  • A dedicated training area and soldering station for robotics. Learn more about the Robotics Team.
  • Designated space across the Bolles corridor which accommodates a podcasting and recording studio. 

Belmont Hill Hosts Vex Robotics Competition

In November, Belmont Hill hosted its first Vex Robotics Competition (VRC). The event brought 24 teams from across the state, all taking on the VRC MS/HS Over Under challenge.

Thank you to the attendees, participants, coaches, event organizers, and volunteers for their collective efforts. We are grateful for the hard work put in by our facilities and IT teams in setting up the Jordan Athletic Center gymnasiums. 

Belmont Hill is thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting this event again in 2024.

Vex Robotics Competition in the Fritz Gym

Belmont Hill Maker Prize Competition

Have you ever wondered what goes into solving the problems that individuals encounter on a daily basis? Do you have an idea for something you can improve on the Belmont Hill campus but aren’t sure where to start? Do you like participating in team-based competitions that allow you to make a difference in the day-to-day life of your campus?

The Maker Prize Competition allows students to discover and define a “problem” they see on the Belmont Hill campus and design a physical or software-based solution to solve it. Teams of five or fewer students from any form are welcome to participate.

Competition judging is based on:

  1. Definition of the “Problem” and your statement of “Need” for your approach
  2. Solution Performance (i.e. how well your solution fulfills the Need)
  3. The creativity of the Solution
  4. Viability for implementation of the Solution
  5. Team-based Pitch Presentation in Chapel

    Contact Mr. Ziff for more information. 
Drone Club practicing on campus

Equipment Highlights

Formlabs Form 3 Resin Printer

Formlabs Form 3 Resin Printer

Student using Epilog Laser Cutter

Epilog Laser Cutter

Makerbot Method 3D Printer

Makerbot Method 3D Printers

RatRig Vcore 3.1 Large Format 3D printer

RatRig Vcore 3.1 Large Format 3D printer

CNC Mill

CNC mill in the lower level of the Makerspace

recording studio and green screen

Recording and podcasting studio with green screen

Podcasting equipment

Podcasting equipment

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modern room
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