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Information for Families


Now that your student is applying to college, it is time to consider the role you will play in the application process. We have found that our most successful college matches occur when families allow their sons to lead the way. This is not to say that you should not be involved; of course you should, but how you participate is important. Recognize that things have changed since many of us went to school. In many ways, the process has become more complicated and certainly more competitive over the years. The way in which schools are measured, as well as their reputations and selectivity, may have changed since you were in school. The experience your son is looking for may differ from the one you had or the one you wanted for him. Try not to compare his application process to yours or to a sibling’s. Celebrate your son for who he is and for his unique achievements. Encourage him as he proceeds through the process, but be the voice of reason at the same time. We will be there with you, supporting your son as he finds his best college match. 

Following are some articles we find helpful for families going through the process for the first time, the last time, or anywhere in between, as well as some articles we find helpful for families navigating the college search during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will continue to update this page with current articles that we think might help as your sons navigate the college search process.

Class of 2022

Common App Tutorial

Class of 2023

Fall 2021 College Rep Visits



September 13

Macalester College

September 13

George Washington University

September 13

Washington University in St. Louis

September 13

St. Anselm College

September 14

Kenyon College

September 14 Vanderbilt University

September 15

Bryant University

September 15 Hamilton College

September 20

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

September 20

Bates College

September 20 Brandeis University
September 21 Dartmouth College
September 21 University of San Francisco

September 21

University of Pittsburgh

September 21 St. Lawrence University

September 22

UMass Lowell

September 24

Hobart & William Smith

September 27

Lafayette College

September 27

Bucknell University

September 27 Northeastern University

September 27

College of the Holy Cross

September 28

Colby College

September 28

Pomona College

September 28

Union College

September 28

Colgate University

September 28 Villanova University

September 29

Boston University

September 30

University of Richmond

October 1 Davidson College
October 1 Virginia Tech
October 4 University of Rhode Island

October 5

University of Chicago

October 6

Bowdoin College

October 6 Vassar College

October 7

Carleton College

October 8

Boston College

October 8 Swarthmore College
October 8 Trinity College (CT)

October 8

Elon University

October 12 Skidmore College
October 12 Bentley University

October 12

UMass Amherst

October 13 University of Southern California
October 14 Georgetown University

October 15

University of Vermont

October 15

Syracuse University

October 15 Washington and Lee University

October 18

University of Miami

October 18

Furman University

October 19 Southern Methodist University
October 20 Providence College
October 22 Denison University
October 25 University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
October 25 Wake Forest University
October 27 St. Michael's College
October 29 Dickinson College

November 5

University of Tennessee-Knoxville