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College Counseling


Our Philosophy

At Belmont Hill, we encourage and challenge our students to discover and pursue passions, seek excellence and face adversity with resilience. This philosophy also informs our college counseling process. We believe that making a good college match is the product - not the object - of a student’s experience as a member of the Belmont Hill community. Mindful of the fact that the college application process is both personal and analytical, we focus on our students, who bring their own unique sets of talents, interests and experiences to the search. Every step of the way, we encourage and challenge our students to be personally invested in advocating for and expressing themselves, through reflection and self-examination, careful consideration of balanced next school choices, and thoughtful writing.

Our students are our focus. 

We recognize that each student approaches the college application process from a different vantage point; some tackle it with confidence, others with some trepidation. We know that to some, the process can seem overwhelming at times. We do our best to meet our students where they are and help each one as much, or as little, as they wish. Our office is here to provide guidance, honest counsel, frank discussion and suggestions. We do not make decisions for students.

Student investment is key to finding a good college match. 

We do expect our students to be personally invested in the college application process. Students are responsible for signing up for standardized tests, asking teachers for recommendations, researching college options and building a balanced list of prospective colleges, making decisions about where they will apply, deciding what to write in their essays, filling out any necessary forms, and making sure applications are finished and submitted on time. While we do not do these things for our students, we are here to guide, to encourage and to support our students, with sensitivity and honesty, at every step of the process.       

The adults in the process - counselors, teachers, coaches and parents - are passengers, not drivers. 

This does not mean that we do not play a part in this process. On the contrary, our role is an important one. We are the support system and voices of reason our students need to make the most of the college application process. Throughout the college application season, we will communicate regularly and honestly, so that together, we can best support and encourage our students as they find their own direction and, ultimately, their best college match. 

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