Summer School Frequently Asked Questions

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. When is payment due for summer school and sport camps?

    All payments are due upon registering for courses. Enrollment cannot be finalized until payment has been made.
  • Q. How do we apply to Belmont Hill School Summer Programs?

    We accept registrations for Summer School and Sport Camps online at or by mail.  If you register online and the class or sport camp is available, you will be guaranteed space in that program immediately. Please note that all online registrations require full payment with a credit card at the time of registration. Applications received by mail are processed in the order in which they are received. It can take up to 10 days for us to process applications received by mail. We do not accept walk in applications.
  • Q. When are registrations due?

    We accept applications to the academic, arts, and tennis programs on a rolling basis. In order to maintain a low faculty-to-student ratio, courses will be closed and waiting lists started at predetermined numbers.
  • Q. What are the ages of the children who attend your summer programs?

    Our summer school classes, art workshops and tennis program are for students entering grades 6 to 12 in the upcoming school year. The sport camps are for children ages 6 to 15.
  • Q. Can my daughter attend your summer programs?

    Yes, our summer programs are coeducational.
  • Q. Can students living outside of the United States attend Belmont Hill Summer Programs?

    Yes, we welcome international students. However, we do not offer any boarding facilities for students attending our summer programs. You may apply online or by mail. If you apply online, please refer to the schedule of classes and camps at the back of the brochure. You must provide an up-to-date local address and phone number as well as the name of the child’s guardian if the student is not residing with his or her parents. Please contact us at for additional information.
  • Q. What are the expectations for a credit course?

    Students may requestthat their grades be sent to their school by filling out a transcript request form at the end of the six week session. A maximum of three absences is permitted for credit courses. Students intending to miss classes for planned activities are discouraged from enrolling in credit courses.
  • Q. Is lunch available?

    Yes. Students can buy food and drinks at the School snack bar from 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. each day. More healthful options are available in addition to traditional snack foods.
  • Q. Is there a dress code?

    Dress at the Summer School is informal, but should be neat, clean, and appropriate.
  • Q. Do you offer any extended day programs?

    No, there is no extended day.
  • Q. Do you offer any boarding programs during the summer?

    No, our summer school and sport camps are day programs.
  • Q. Can we combine summer school with the sport camps?

    Sport camps meet Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Students can only combine summer school classes with sport camps if they are attending either of the three-week summer school sessions. However, our tennis program and the Strength and Conditioning program can be combined with summer school classes to round out your child’s schedule.
  • Q. Where is Belmont Hill School located?

    Belmont Hill School is located at 350 Prospect Street, Belmont, MA 02478. It is near Routes 2 and 95 and is convenient to public transportation.
  • Q. Is transportation available?

    We do not offer transportation, but many of our older students do take public transportation. We provide bus and train schedules and we also sell student MBTA passes in our Summer Programs office.
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