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Walker Coppedge ’94 Named Director of College Counseling

Greg Schneider, Ronald M. Druker ’62 Head of School, recently announced that Walker Coppedge ’94 will be the School’s new Director of College Counseling. He will begin his new position in the fall of 2022.

Walker has worked as the School’s senior associate director for the past six years. Prior to that, he served for a decade at Tufts University in a senior management role in the undergraduate admissions office. Before his time at Tufts, he coordinated the application process at The Epiphany School for a diverse population of students and families. “Beyond his impressive professional background, Walker’s interpersonal skills and emotional attunement are so well suited to meeting the needs of our boys and parents alike,” Mr. Schneider says. “He is an outstanding advocate for our boys given his deep understanding of the college landscape and the culture of Belmont Hill.”

Mr. Coppedge states that he was thrilled to receive the news of his new appointment. “I have so enjoyed my time in the office over the last number of years working with Casey Bobo, Sharon Patton, and Charlie Doar, and I can't wait to continue to build on the good work we have done in the years to come.” In particular, he stresses what a joy it has been to work with Casey Bobo, whom he describes as a wonderful mentor and friend. “I have deeply valued our time together as colleagues. I will miss seeing her every day, but she has left us with a great foundation in our office that we will continue to grow upon moving forward.”

Mr. Coppedge is quite excited to start in the fall. “I look forward to continuing to develop and maintain deep connections with our students and families and am thrilled to be leading an office that fortunate to work with such great students at such an exciting time in their lives.”

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