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Students walking on campus

Tim Sullivan, Honored with Michael T. Sherman Chair, Delivers Heartfelt Reflection

In a moving School Meeting prior to Thanksgiving Break, Mr. Sullivan was honored with the Michael T. Sherman Chair in Mathematics and spoke about gratitude in a speech to the boys. The Chair was established in 2015 by Lyn and Tod Rodger and friends to honor a faculty member for excellence in the teaching of mathematics and for a broad commitment to students and school life.

After accepting the Chair from Mr. Schneider, Mr. Sullivan then addressed the boys and reminded them of all they had to be grateful for. In particular, Mr. Sullivan paid tribute to the many staff members who work often behind the scenes to make the School run so well each and every day. "There are so many great people at Belmont Hill who make the campus go and make each day possible so that we can learn and play," he stated. "Please make sure that you thank them."

He closed by offering some words of wisdom on how the boys could best enjoy a restful and meaningful Thanksgiving Day. "Be present, be grateful for what you have, and who you have to spend it with."

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