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The Greek & Roman Field Day Tradition Returns in Grand Form

The pandemic has taken much from us over the last year-plus, including last year's annual Greek & Roman Field Day. But this year, the event returned in all its glory on a picture-perfect day of sun and blue skies. The Form I boys did not disappoint as they engaged in a spirited competition while having great fun as well.

The day began with student orations, judging of the quality of the chariots, and the traditional events including the 200-meter run; and an "armored" relay, in which students ran and handed off backpacks filled with Latin books to teammates. The boys also performed skits and took quizzes. Then, after a pizza lunch came the concluding events of the day including the egg toss and Frisbee toss, leading to the chariot race and tug-of-war. While all the teams competed well, it was another win for Mr. Bradley's team. More importantly, the special tradition of Greek & Roman Field Day returned, yet another reminder that better days are ahead!

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