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Student Advanced Action Research Team Presents Work

Seventeen juniors, selected through an application process, form Belmont Hill's Advanced Action Research Team. The boys presented their work in a recent chapel. Belmont Hill partners with several other leading schools across the country to provide diverse groups of students with college-level social-science research skills and experience to improve school culture, policy, and practice. Student groups at each school conduct a research project that examines a central aspect of school life and develop action steps or recommendations that address the topic selected. At the end of the school year, these student groups present their research projects at a roundtable conference held on campus at the University of Pennsylvania. Student groups also present their research at school-wide assemblies, faculty meetings, and to their board of trustees. The fundamental goal of this partnership is to empower students to inform school change in meaningful ways. 

The boys' process is to collect data, qualify results, analyze findings, and recommend changes. The group studied the School's LGBTQ environment, political perspectives on campus, Belmont Hill's racial climate, and religious diversity. The research findings are designed to engender discussion and explore ways for positive change.

Belmont Hill’s Advanced Action Research team works with faculty advisement from Dr. Tift, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Harvey, and from Dr. Joseph Nelson from SPARC at UPenn, who is also a professor at Swarthmore College. 

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