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Political Strategist Peter Flaherty P'17 '24 Discusses Upcoming Midterm Elections with Seniors

Peter Flaherty P'17 '24 recently spoke with Belmont Hill seniors and students from Winsor and Dana Hall, discussing the upcoming mid-term elections. Mr. Flaherty is a political strategist and consultant who has advised candidates across the country on campaigns for Governor, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, and President of the United States. He is also a former homicide prosecutor in Boston, currently teaches a course on Presidential Politics at The College of the Holy Cross, and is an Executive Fellow at the Harvard Business School. Mr. Flaherty is the father of a Belmont Hill alumnus and a current Form V student.

Mr. Flaherty walked students through the many issues swirling around the mid-term elections, including how accurate are the polls, what seats are the most tightly contested and what are the potential outcomes and consequences for each party, and how might these elections influence the 2024 presidential election.

"You're going to see an enormous turnout in these elections," he explained to the students, "bigger than we've ever seen." As the students then broke into discussion groups, he urged them to consider the number of crucial issues that will decide these elections and what the outcomes may be. Students enjoyed pizza and refreshments while engaging in lively discussions.

The Senior Symposia program is intended for Belmont Hill students and those at partner schools. It is designed to connect students with experts on a variety of current topics. The goal is to provide an open forum for students to come together outside of the classroom to have a shared intellectual experience.

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