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Plenty of Laughs and Fun in “All in the Timing”

Belmont Hill and Winsor joined forces once again for a delightfully entertaining production of David Ives’s “All in the Timing.”

Presented in three one-act plays, “All in the Timing” centers on how a normal moment is made extraordinary by one absurd twist.

The first play, “The Universal Language,” featuring Belmont Hill students Daniel Drucker, Daniel Rashes, and Holden Present, depicts a man running a fraudulent language school who encounters a particularly naïve potential student. In the second play, “Sure Thing,” featuring Belmont Hill’s Renny Gong, a man and a woman meet in a café where their conversation is continually reset until there is finally a romantic connection. “Words, Words, Words,” the third play, features Belmont Hill’s Juan Pablo Fernandez del Castillo, Jeremy Eaton, and Holden Present. The play depicts three chimpanzees named after renowned authors and are somehow expected to write the next “Hamlet.”

The production also features Belmont Hill crew members Max Ramanathan, Stephen Fabiano, Daniel Xie, and Adam Shaff. It was directed by Mr. Conway, set design and construction by Mrs. Kaplan, lighting design by Adam Shaff, sound design by Mr. Conway, and technical direction by Mr. Duarte.

Enjoy scenes from the show.

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